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Sky full of military aircraft
This is a dream from June 26, 2017.  In this dream I am with a small group of men approx. 3 or 4 of us.  At first we are inside of a large brick ranch style house.  The house seems to be located in the countryside up on a hill or rise.  It is a sunny bright warm clear day.  At one point we are all outside in front of the house at the bottom of the hill.  There is a big green grassy lawn around us.  One of the men reminds me of a man I know{initials S.M.}.  We look up into the sky through and above tree tops.  The sky is filled with military aircraft--helicopters, planes as much as many as  the sky can support.  It is alarming and scary.  We take off walking and hiking.  I think about the shoes I am wearing and I worry about getting home.  Then later, I am in the company of two aliens, as in from another country or ?      The men are wearing brown burlap sacks, gunny sacks and they have white paper plates attached to their heads to block what they really look like.  
Thanks given by: Julie , twiceblessed9

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