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WATER, SOLDIERS, AND ASIAN - NADW-P1 - 09-01-2014 01:23 AM

In my dream I did not add all of the detail, it was important to get the basics of the dream out, after I put it into the dream data base I went to look at the most recent dreams and noticed the dream just below mine.

There are three things that immediately stood out to me and they are:
My Dream:
8/31/14 8:30pm
There is a water way that has been dry around a big white house, the damn has broken and the water is flowing down the water way or river again. I see this from an Ariel view. The president says well at least now we can get the airplanes out by putting them on a ship and floating them down the river. We need the planes because there is a war is taking place on US soil.

I am a young man and I am traveling two days to get home, I am very far away, riding on the front of a truck and the driver is an angry old man, (the old man is Asian) but it is better than riding in the cab with him, he is angry, hateful, he thinks I am a fool. I am holding on for dear life, there is a white metal railing on the bumper I am sitting on and holding onto, it is a terrifying ride home.

The land is changing; there is a distance now between my front yard and the house my brother built. I see the spirit of my grandmother waving at me from the window of her old home. I see the Native American spirits upset about the foreign troops fighting on their soil, their sacred land. I feel a weeping from the earth mother.

The beach is moving south, California moving south. Deep prints of a man’s boots have created a deep groove in the path I am walking on. No one else seems to notice or care. A play ground is being made on the beach, but the water is coming to wash it away.

The land begins to sink, so they build a wall around the playground in sand, stupid humans.

Floods and evil beings
By: maxx786

My dream started with me taking a quick shower and getting dressed just as the flood water reached my floor in my building. I am aware of it and knew that it was coming so I was preparing everything I could in short notice. I am calm but have a great sense of urgency to get everyone out on time. I am unable to retrieve a few items before the whole bathroom is filled with water. I make my way to an upper level that is open to the outside where there is a blue sky. I help my neighbor, who is Asian, choose easy, quick food items to cook for our journey and we dash up more stairs to the top floor. We meet the last two people of our group and make our way onto the roof with their suitcases. The water is right at the edge of the high-rise now and we start to make our way across to another building that somehow is safe even though it is lower than our building, seems magical or something. One lady in our party is deranged and wants to cut the line that we are using to get across the water. I talk her out of it and we live.

It is night time next and I am with a more militant group. I witness what seems to be an exorcism inside of a storefront with large windows in a brick building. I watch as they take this person to the floor and a bright yellowish white flash emanates from the body. Moments later a dark shadow figure leaves the body, runs out, notices me, and begins to attack me. I am thrown to the ground and stomped on by this evil being. It has no face, no features, but is totally livid at the fact that it was stopped by our group and just stands over me menacingly. Then I woke up with the most horrible sense of dread that something bad was coming.

Interestingly enough, I spoke to my sister who had a dream about a beach, that was in Asia, that needed to be evacuated because there was going to be a flood. She mostly saw simple huts but there was a prominent, large hotel inland a ways. She also dreamt about bathing and spirits in a dream prior to that one. Same night as my dream.

And believe it or not, my nephew dreamt of fighting a possessed person and killing him only to have the evil spirit be released into the world. He awoke with the same dread that I had.

Never had so many interesting coincidences in one night amongst me and two others. There were more but I wanted to keep it simple.

RE: WATER, SOLDIERS, AND ASIAN - Eagle1 - 09-01-2014 11:19 PM

The dam breaking and the water rushing in sounds like Dean's earthquake dream that already came true (but which could manifest in another incident).

Latest linguistics: "Ugly sharp handle whale Asian throat leader lock uncle forever."

This phrase was from the weekly DreamBot2 run and "Asian" is up 72% from it's average.

"Ugly sharp handle" sounds like something a SOLDIER might carry.

Whale is definitely in the WATER

And ASIAN is directly mentioned.

Therefore, you have linguistics support, albeit not very obvious. You name the incubation for people to try. Just those three words (Asian, Soldier, Water)? What do you recommend?

RE: WATER, SOLDIERS, AND ASIAN - NADW-P1 - 09-02-2014 03:54 AM

For me the Asian aspect was about war, but in Maxx786's dream it was his neighbor.

There were two aspects of water for my dream, one was an old dried up river would flow again after a damn break, and Maxx786's dream he knew the water was coming, just like I did concerning the Tsunami.

I don't know how to ask the other dreamers to focus, or what to focus on, I just noticed a pattern/overlap.

RE: WATER, SOLDIERS, AND ASIAN - Eagle1 - 09-02-2014 09:43 AM

Elyse dreamed about an Asian fish:

And Sister Rosemarie sends this:

In this dream my companion from Santa Barbara and Africa , Sister Beth, is going to Japan and an island off of Japan for a new foundation of Sisters there. I am saying Japan is cold, I don't know if I should ask to go along. I decide to ask to go and check it out.

RE: WATER, SOLDIERS, AND ASIAN - Elyse - 09-05-2014 12:25 AM

I've been meaning to post my two cents since I also had a dream that overlapped your "Water, Soldiers and Asian" meme. I hope you don't mind...

The dream itself is very long, and I don't want to take up too much space with it, but it can be found here:

In my dream, I was observing a rather large fish tank with an odd looking Koi in it. (There you have both of the water and Asian meme) I also noticed a very ugly frog in the tank hiding in a fake log. While I was observing the tank, I was attacked by a rather large, nasty black beetle who went to town on my finger. I thumped it off into the tank and the frog swallowed it up. Afterwards, I started feeling very appreciative of this frog that I had been disgusted by at first. But, upon developing an attachment to the frog, the koi attacked it and swallowed it up. I tapped on the glass hoping that I might cause the koi to release the frog, but no luck. I was depressed that my new buddy had been eaten and was going to leave when the koi spit out the frog. The frog had thrown up some weird, tentacle-like guts and startled the fish into spiting it out. After pacing the tank, the fish attacked the frog a second time. This time it also expelled tentacle-like guts and fought with the frog's tentacles. The frog was smaller and weaker with less tentacles and was slowly dragged back into the mouth of the koi. I knew it would not be coming back this time.

When I woke up, I remembered that another dreamer had dreamt of black beetles and somehow linked that to either the Middle East or Britain. Then I found that you had dreamt of Asia, water and war on American soil. I took these two dreams and ran with them! In my dream, each of the creatures was fighting or trying to devour another... could that maybe be symbolic of war? If so, could I represent America? And if I did, then what would that mean? The middle east or Britain would attack America and be flicked off and devoured by the frog country. (Unfortunately, I have no ideas as to what country the frog would represent, though my husband seems to think it could be France.) The frog would then capture the attention of an Asian country, and be devoured by it?

After some thought, I was confused as to what the tentacles could be... and then I re-read your meme. Soldiers. I was missing soldiers. The thousands of tentacle-guts I saw were fighting. In fact, it seemed like the fate of the frog depended on his tentacle-things. Unfortunately, he was weakened from eating the beetle, he was much smaller than the fish, and had less tentacles... also his tentacles were not nearly as long as the koi's. It seemed to make sense to me that the tentacles MIGHT represent soldiers. But this is all mere speculation and probably very unlikely. I am still learning to interpret my dreams, and it could be something different entirely IF it amounts to anything at all.

RE: WATER, SOLDIERS, AND ASIAN - NADW-P1 - 09-05-2014 12:39 AM

That is awesome, I rarely dream in metaphors like that, I don't usually have to figure out my dreams, they come in crystal clear. After reading that I am really happy about this fact!

You mentioned being "depressed" that is eye opening to the theme of the dream, you have a fondness for France. I thought I recently saw something in the news about France's president stepping down or something like that.

Koi fish are a sign of Good fortune, Success, Prosperity, Longevity, Courage, Ambition & Perseverance.

The oldest of the legends is the story of when Chinese philosopher Confucius was born a son in 533 B.C., King Shoko of Ro presented to him a magoy, a black carp, as a gift. According to this legend, all modern day koi, and their bright colors, are from the magoy given to Confucius by the king.

The legend says the Chinese then raised the koi in their rice patty fields to be used for food, especially during the long winter months, and not for pets. The Chinese then passed on their knowledge of raising koi to the Japanese. Raising koi in ponds began in Niigata, Japan during one particularly harsh winter.

During this very harsh winter, Japanese farmers in Niigata could not fish and could not sustain any crops.

If it is any indication then the Koi fish would represent the winner in the battle, being the original origin of koi fish this would mean the Chinese.

RE: WATER, SOLDIERS, AND ASIAN - Elyse - 09-05-2014 02:20 AM

Holy wow! I might have to come to YOU with all of my dreams! I didn't even think to look up the history of koi. Geeeze... I have a lot of work to do if I'm ever going to understand my dreams...

Dreaming in metaphors isn't always so great... especially since I hardly ever understand them until it is too late. I really envy dreamers who get the crystal clear dreams... though, if it is something super important or I am visited by someone in the dream, the messages are usually pretty strait forward. Maybe not always for me, but it seems to be the case when the messages are delivered to others.

RE: WATER, SOLDIERS, AND ASIAN - maxx786 - 09-09-2014 04:55 AM

When I think of the beetle, frog, and Koi in your dream, I think of the U.S.'s current situation. The U.S. being represented by the frog. The small terrorist groups all over the middle east are represented by the beetle. The koi being Asia. Militarily and economically the sizing fits.

The Frog is weakened militarily and economically from fighting the beetle. The koi takes advantage and takes over.

Seems to correlate with current events, I think.

RE: WATER, SOLDIERS, AND ASIAN - maxx786 - 09-09-2014 05:20 AM

I'm new to this stuff so I was searching around and found this.

The validated dreams of Grim reaper

Terrorists have been called Beatles in media and a dreamer had seen beetles in her dream. Neat stuff.