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The Timing of Precognition - Eagle1 - 08-17-2014 08:36 PM

The Timing of Precognition: Taming the beast
Originally Posted on July 11, 2014 the the DreamBlog

Project August & the timing of our predictions…

We have reason to believe that one Project August meme has been fulfilled and thus we can begin analyzing the timing of this particular event.

It was the third Project August report that suggested a possible headline from Spain. Specifically, we were expecting a Spanish official to step down “amid allegations of extramarital affair.” Within hours of publishing the report, King Carlos himself, the undisputed top official in Spain, declares a bombshell to the world and announces that he will abdicate the throne to his son.

The report that best described most of the connections here was located in this June 2nd article published to the NDC DreamBlog.

Assuming that this particular headline will not be fulfilled by another event in August (I can’t imagine a bigger story about Spanish officials stepping down), let’s go ahead and dissect the timing of the Juan Carlos prediction/fulfillment now. At a minimum, it should add to our growing documentation of the timing mechanism between dreaming and the outer reality.

The Timeline

Here’s how this series went down…

May 18: Primary Project August dream is dreamt depicting a famous Spaniard having an affair and authorities begging the dreamer to keep the news silent.

May 29-30: PA dreams collected and analyzed; headlines extracted.

June 1: PA report #3 published, including the expected Spanish headline.

June 2: Juan Carlos announces abdication.

June 3: NDC speculates that the royal ceremony might take place in August since the predictive dream/dreams were for Project August.

June 19: Without any peep from the media, Felipe VI is sworn in as the new king.


First of all, the DreamSeer score is low enough (3.8) such that we cannot rule out a possible higher event in August 2014. However, because there’s such little chance that a second event with direct ties to both topics (i.e., Spanish official and extramarital affair), we’re expecting that the Juan Carlos event/announcement will be main hit to this Project August prediction. AND, since this event was 1.5-2.0 months early, timing is the big concern here.

When you talk to most experts in the field of dreaming, they suggest that most precognitive dreams come true within about a week or two. There are, of course, lots of exceptions. For example, Ian Wilson’s personal average is about 3 weeks to 3 months, which is much longer than the “norm” (if there is such a thing).

The other wrench here is the fact that the dream was heavily weighted in metaphor. Instead of being a Spanish official, the main dream character was actually a (nameless but famous) soccer player, and the extramarital affair was extremely metaphoric for the King’s name (Juan Carlos was arguably a pet name for the most famous schmoozer of all time…Don Juan (discussed in this article).

So, we made the right call with the soccer metaphor being a Spanish official, but we could have really honed in on the Don Juan – Juan Carlos metaphoric connection would have made the score even higher. In other words, instead of extramarital affair, a little deeper look at the activity in the dream could easily have lead to the exact name, Juan Carlos, which would have boosted the score higher.

Nonetheless, let’s get back to timing. Note that the main dream happened strangely close to a full month prior to the actual event (dream was 18 May and the Spanish succession happened 19 June). Exactly half way in between, the King’s announcement came out.
Lunar Equivalence?

Ever since we began linguistically analyzing dream content, we immediately noticed the very strong connection to celestial events. That connection has been very consistent and quite strong throughout our exploration and analysis.

But could the timing between prediction and headline perhaps also be connected celestially? The timing above does look very similar to the lunar cycle. Let’s check it out.

Moon on May 18th: Waning gibbous 83% visible

Moon on June 19th: Last quarter 54% visible

May new moon: 27-29 May

May full moon: 14 May 100%

June new moon: 26-27 June

June full moon: 13 June 100%

Based on these numbers, it doesn’t appear that the Spanish prediction was related to the lunar phases, although being just about 30 days from prediction to full manifestation, there might be something deeper here. In other words, strange things don’t always have be on full moon days or new moons. The dream itself was exactly 14 days prior to the King’s actual announcement, which does seem to be innately significant from a lunar timeline.

Correlations to the dreamer

This will certainly be something we’ll look at when compiling some of the final numbers for Project August. First off, does each dreamer have typical prediction times and/or do their Project August predictions push those times further out? For example, let’s say that Joe typically projects a week out for most of his precognition. However, we notice that his successful Project August dreams tend to predict 3 weeks out.

In other words, perhaps the Project August intention can move their typical precognition toward the intended time period. Perhaps it takes further refining or a deeper level of intention to get the more specific time periods down.

The Spanish meme was manifested early, but we’re also experiencing the opposite sort of problem with the BundyFest meme. Initially, this headline was successfully predicted for the end of August, but apparently the current advertisement on Facebook is for the month of October. While the original precognition was spot on, the updated times at this juncture seem to be moving outside the August window.

Timing is one of the most difficult aspects of precognition, and Project August will hopefully help us develop some much needed information along these lines. Just as we’ve seen so far, some of the predictions are manifesting early, or appear to perhaps be moving to the post-August period.

Alas, this is a very exciting time to be a dreamer, because no matter what happens in August, history is going to be made. Thank you all for your support and your dedicated DreamWork. All that I can promise is that we will forge new and possibly some unanticipated beneficial outcomes for humanity. It’s very exciting indeed!

Copyright © 2014 Chris McCleary