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Saving Animals/ False God(?) - balsa - 09-23-2014 06:49 AM

DreamBase 2.0 2014-09-16 By Elyse

Hello everyone, I'm not sure I'm posting this correctly, but doing my best so that anyone interested can locate the dream from the attached link above. I have also been communicating with Eagel1 a little bit, and specifically because of this dream by Elyse. Consequently, Eagle 1 invited me to start a discussion on this dream, which I am happy to do.
I might also mention that I belong to another private discussion forum. A very small group who discusses all things related to Clif High's predictive linguistics, and where I have tried to hone my thinking and analysis of the future upon these poor readers as well. This is brought forward so that it is understood I have an understanding of the origins of this specific site as well as some understanding about the methodology involved.

This dream by Elyse is a critical and important dream. Perhaps it is of great importance. It is very long dream, very involved, and I believe one could write a book, or long essay on this dream alone. Maybe someday someone will. In my mind it is of importance at a personal level for people to comprehend the messages contained in the dream. This dream is both a warning, and a forecast. I feel very strongly about the significance of this dream, and about the entire way in which it enters in to the realm of the mind, for it is in many ways as though it were coming through at the level of the human soul. This is of great import. This is, I am quite sure, a dream which involves the soul. Do mistake my assertion as some sort of religious based concept. This is no mystical dream of powder puffs floating in the sky. However before one goes launching off to seek information about the soul, you would have to first understand this dream as a message about this matter, for It specifically addresses issues I've been analyzing that cover several topics of seemingly unrelated material. These topics are not unrelated of course, but they could seem that way to some people. Indeed I would say it is almost impossible to get people to see the relationship, and this too is thoroughly encased in the dream. Nevertheless, it is my belief that the only way to understand this dream is to begin by considering that it is addressing the human soul. Only recently have I come to a comprehensive understanding on this very subject. That is, as it relates to events in our own time, the past, and the objectives of some energy in the future. As I said previously, this is not a fantasy, not illusionary, or delusional. It involves both the understanding of the nature of reality, our best information from both science and ancient knowledge, and some objective on the near future. In short, what I believe are the pieces to a vast puzzle were finally assembled by me only in the last few days prior to reading this very dream.

Now, this dream appears and I find it, like manna from heaven, after having just posted a hypothesis about the objectives behind changes in bankruptcy laws and the massive debts which are on the backs of most people in a private communication only a few days ago. Again, what seems unrelated to dream about Saving Animals and False Gods is anything but, and in order to understand this may involve a good deal of effort and free thinking by those who are having trouble seeing the connections. So let me now move to the dream itself. Now it's difficult for me, posting the first time, to decide where to begin with this. This dream has a very important message. I am quite sure about this myself. My goal is to try to show how important.

let me just begin this discussion with an introduction to core of the dream, and it is through the understanding of the core material in the dream, in it's allegorical form, that the truly important message is to found, but I will leave this message out for the time being. For the message is as distrubing as it is terrifying. So, let me begin by stating that, "The false God" in the dream is either money or relief from money. Most likely in the form of debt forgiveness. The dream specifically and repeatedly focuses upon willingness to freely go with a false God. This is a specific reference to free choice. Then the dream talks about these people going away with the false God who are deprogrammed.

No doubt you may have noticed a slight biblical coloring to these things.
There's very likely a reason for this. I would be happy to discuss why I believe this is the case.

All the other references seem allegorical. Many of us have already experienced many of these ourselves first hand, and here I reference the beginning of the dream where it involves lots of involvement with animals in an attempt to help save them, and to get them to get along with each other: An impossible task in some cases, and then there are the species themselves in the dream. In other words, this dream is bit like reading Herman Melville's Moby Dick, but without the advantage of a team of liberal arts college professors to help explain it. So many things going on.

Therefore I ask you not to become too lost in the hunting, trapping, and other involvement with supposed animals. For these are not actually animals at all, but rather our own species; we ourselves are represented in animal form in the dream: A very natural thing for the mind to do in my opinion. I suppose I should just end for now and hope you will all enter in to a discussion about this dream.[/size]

RE: Saving Animals/ False God(?) - Sherriann_P1 - 09-23-2014 08:55 AM

Hi Balsa,

Here is a correction for the link:

You need to click on the dream title to get the specific URL for the dream.

It's too early in the morning to put my brain to work about this but I have noted that you've made a few very valid points about dream content and possible futuristic implications.

There are those spiders again! :-)

RE: Saving Animals/ False God(?) - Eagle1 - 09-23-2014 08:55 AM

Yes...Balsa approached me awhile back and explained the phenomenal background that could really help us explore some possible new directions at the NDC. Balsa's entry was timed perfectly coincident with when the DreamReader concept was being formed by Rebecca and myself.

Anyway, talk about a perfect match...someone who purports to be fluent in dream interpretation AND linguistics analysis...sounds like a DFer to me, right? However, get this...Balsa's expertise isn't just any sort of dream interpretation, but the very uncommon type that focuses on how the dream will come true later (i.e., all the stuff the NDC is concerned about.)

What is so paradoxical here is that Balsa comes Clif High's back yard. Clif High catapulted himself to stardom with the original "Webbot," but interestingly distanced himself from the NDC in the original forming months. It surprised me to hear that Clif actually had a denigrating opinion of dreams in general and became yet another wedge between the previously tight duo (G.U. and C.H.)

My purpose isn't to bore everyone here, but rather give a little bit of background to show why Balsa will be a valuable addition here....lexiconical reading and equally matched by dream symbololgical interpreting....look out!

Time permitting, please everyone dive into Elyse's dream and supply some comments here.

RE: Saving Animals/ False God(?) - balsa - 09-23-2014 02:53 PM

Thanks Eagle1, I've had great teachers before, and hopefully I will live long enough to have a few more. Teaching is about inspiring, it isn't about cramming information in to heads. That is actually the reverse of teaching. Now, this site is involved in a pioneering effort of which it's full potential can hardly be known. I don't believe human history is yet written. I believe that what exists is only the creative process of the consciousness of life. Which includes all life, and which is critical to our own survival. It may be that without this life, there is no other life as we seem to exist in a symbiotic relationship exterior to this so-called reality.

We have a bunch of insane people running our world who's idea is to murder most all life in order that they should control and dominate the world in a way which has not previously existed. If we are unable to change the paradigm, then life will cease altogether for all humans and all animals. They do not understand what they are doing and everything is dependent upon us working to change the outcome of forces bent upon a scheme for which they have no understanding of the consequences.

When I asked not to become too bogged down in the story line about animals, I might be completely wrong, and maybe someone has another opinion about that. I have since considered removing that part of the original post.

I see this dream as an allegorical story about the future as well as the past. With the dreamer trying to save people, whom are put in the context of animal forms. Conversely one could suggest that a link to animal consciousness which is trying to tell the dreamer something. In this way it is perfectly natural in my view for animals to communicate with us in a way which would make sense to them. Not to us perhaps, and so the context of the point of view must be switched.

RE: Saving Animals/ False God(?) - Eagle1 - 09-23-2014 04:24 PM

Well said, Balsa.

I like this, too: "I see this dream as an allegorical story about the future as well as the past."

For all of going forward, dreams are sometimes allegorical and sometimes literal, but ALL the time, they have elements of both past and future in them. It's up to us to decipher which it is.

RE: Saving Animals/ False God(?) - rebecca - 09-23-2014 11:15 PM

I'm not going to comment on Elyse's dream right now. I have read it but it is too huge for me with the short amount of time I have available. Balsa, I will say welcome again. I a looking forward to working with, and learning from, you.

Chris, after reading Balsa's post in the Dream Interpretation forum I too saw DF'er. What is interesting, and critically important, to me is the way in which Balsa interprets the dreams. Balsa, you are phenomenal! Anyway, why do I say critical? My dream interpretation comes from being able to tap into oneness and see the dream metaphors as they pertain to ascension and the spiritual path of both the dreamer and humanity. When I read a dream that calls to me I feel a humming energy throughout my body. The thoughts come so fast I can barely keep up to write them down.

What I am not good at is being able to make future predictions based on dream analysis. This was the crux of my call for help in the other forum. I'm hoping I can develop this skill. Hopefully, Balsa, you will have patience with me as I attempt to learn from you. I'm looking forward to it. I will add my thoughts about the dream itself once I have a chance to gather them.

RE: Saving Animals/ False God(?) - jhgary - 09-24-2014 08:30 PM

Sorry, I haven't been on since Elyse posted her Koo dream, but I really wanted to thank all of you for your input about my wife's dream. I try not to influence her recollection or anyone's interpretation of her dreams, in fact the only input I gave was to suggest that Koo could have been spelled Coup. My wife has no choice, but to have these dreams and she is very insecure about sharing them. I truly appreciate the consideration you all have given Elyse's dreams and have found some significance in them, because my wife always looked at them as more of a curse than a blessing due to the negative imagery. The National Dream Center has been a Godsend by allowing Elyse to explore the possible meanings embedded in her dreams and allow her to not just suffer alone in the confusing and often unnerving nature of her dreams. Thank you again for providing this service that allows Elyse to share her dreams and gain insight into their meaning.

RE: Saving Animals/ False God(?) - Eagle1 - 09-24-2014 08:51 PM

Thank you for sharing your wife with us! It takes time to remember and type out a dream sequence, particularly those that are so incredibly detailed and long...yes, the very adjectives that typify the dreams your wife submits! Smile

She clearly has a very special gift that is honored here at the NDC. The only problem is that we know Elyse and the many others who are here are not the only gifted dreamers. There are SO many more who get chastised and misunderstood for the dreams they have. Not way. We honor them.

Thank you, sir, for the wonderful comments here, and we all bless your growing family! Your comments are always welcome, jhgary.

RE: Saving Animals/ False God(?) - balsa - 09-25-2014 09:37 PM

Saving Animals/False Gods?

I'm going to offer an interpretation of the dream. I fear this important dream is becoming lost. I'm going to present it in two parts as there are two parts to the dream in my opinion. As with all dreams, even frightening ones, I typically find lots of humor coming from the Universe.

Part 1: Capturing Animals

The first few paragraphs of the dream is self descriptive. It describes the nature of the dreamers relationship to life. The hunt to capture animals can be interpreted ethnocentrically in allegorical forms. That is to say, it is descriptive of dealing with humans instead of animals. In this sense, and throughout the dream, the animal types (species) represent individuals whom themselves are essentially archetypes which are then assigned an animal form best befitting their personality, sex, age range and so forth. For example, one might look to the mention of ferrets and see that animal as an archetype of preteen boys, whereas, kittens are children and little girls.

"I had to rescue and take care of different animals from the woods. I had to hunt them down which took some time, then capture them to bring them home with me. Capturing them was fairly easy since they all seemed to like me and didn't put up much of a fight."

So we have children lost in the woods, frightened of adults, and hiding, but a child's instincts tell them to look for an adult who will help them. Consequently, when Elyse shows up they don't resist much. It seems Elyse is capturing lost children, and these include a wide age range. She doesn't allow them to immediately interact, but introduces them slowly, probably parental instincts going on here. Some get along, and some prove abusive and potentially dangerous. She slams the boom on these, whom are likely malicious teenagers.

"The next animal I tried to introduce I knew would want to eat the kittens if in the wild. But I had hoped that now it would somehow become friends with them and maybe even protect them. This was some sort of medium large animal, but I can't quite remember what it was. Maybe a wild cat of some sort or a wolverine type animal."

Hmm...does this sound like a teenager to anyone?

She is also relentless in her quest to protect her new charges. She spots a "Large Grey Spider," and it's hanging around something, which she can't exactly recall, but which is used often. Fearing for the Kittens (children) she decides the threat is too great and must be eliminated. Now interestingly she decides to use bug spray, and this whole story line about the bug spray and problems it creates in itself is worth a second thought. Something threatens the childern/kittens and she uses poison to eliminate that threat. In fact, systematically begins to eliminate these spiders where ever she finds them. This isn't a woman to mess with when it comes to parental values. If you're hanging around posing a threat to kids you've just signed your own death warrant. A sensible spider would head out of that place and build a web as opposed to trying to get a free bit of blood off some kid.

This activity could be a form of injecting ones own self in to the plane where the dream is existing. In other words, an attempt to take charge of the dream is an actual attempt to alter the course of the dream, and this is significant. It isn't just another extension of the dream which I presume to be a depiction of an event at some place in time. So the dreamer, Elyse, begins to interact with an event, as opposed to just visualizing the event and reporting it back in a form best suited to her own mind. She pulls out her handy bug spray eraser and begins to rewrite the script to her own liking.

It is noteworthy that about the time her parental instincts take full charge in the dream, and after she's had enough of this spider nonsense, that the entire dream get's cut off. That is it ends. So the question arises, was she beginning to alter a future event?

Typically, the analysis of dreams are at personal levels. However, I'm thinking that, whereas a persons dreams are involved in our own problems, it is this very personal link which forms a bridge to a specific portion of the slipstream of dream time, and which depicts other events in the flow of the prospective future, and which themselves relate specifically to the dreamer at a personal level. Hopefully this makes some sense. Dreams speak at many levels precisely because of the way they link to the stream of time through the consciousness of life. We are not then frozen to this analysis because every element could be interpreted at a personal level, which in my view (right now) is what does enable these sort of connections to such seemingly screwy stories. Hopefully the logic to this reasoning can then make a seemingly screwy story become an intelligent piece in a larger puzzle. Thus the mind is receiving a message from the slipstream of time in the only way it can relate to it. Either because it needs to protect itself from the true information, or because the information is outside of that minds common frame of reference. However, there is another explanation which comes to mind as to why we receive information in this manner. It is possible that Universe, who is a great trickster, just does it this way for entirely personal reasons and which would logically give a considerable amount of control over the information. Thus what we know is what we are allowed to know.

Based on this concept, I believe Elyse is viewing a future event that was enabled by her own nature and current connections and concerns with her duties as a parent. It is when she begins to alter the dream by taking upon herself a campaign to eradicate spiders that the dream comes to an end. So the dream appears to me to be a snapshot of an event in time someplace. It would also seem reasonable that there is some kind of connective path, of some sort, which the dreamer is following or being guided along. The idea being each dream is like a piece of scrap to a mosaic that is part of a total picture.

RE: Saving Animals/ False God(?) - Eagle1 - 09-25-2014 10:47 PM

Alrighty! We've got some meat to work with now, but I'm anxiously awaiting Part 2. I'm recognizing that you and are attacking this problem from different directions, and I'm actually fascinated by it. I was purposefully going straight toward collectivist-type dreamreading, actually attempting to wholly bypass the big or small meaningful aspects to the individual. I believe I mentioned exactly that in my first Project August report, where I have little use for the part(s) of the dream that mean something to the individual. I was looking for big broad brush strokes.

You, on the other hand seem to be headed in the same direction (i.e., seeking events that matter to the collective), but it appears that you're going to turn over all the stone on the way. I think this might actually bring us extra depth and detail that we would have otherwise lost in headlines past. I have my ideas about what your method will yield, but will sit on my hands and just watch.

Excellent start; please continue