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RE: Hot: DALLAS surges in the dreams! 08/19/2014 - NADW-P1 - 08-20-2014 04:12 PM

Layered Dreams: Intention Dallas

1. Prune Juice Shortage after disaster, or Gas/Oil shortage after disaster.

2. Strangest dream ever, I can’t quite tell if this is to prepare for the birth of someone very special, or signifies the battle of when conscious life begins, or if my mind is trying to make its own movies to send to Hollywood.

3. THINK TANK stood out loud and clear that this is the direction of the future. How to make these happen like this, will take money to create. The future is now, grab it and make money while you can.

RE: Hot: DALLAS surges in the dreams! 08/19/2014 - RadOwl - 08-20-2014 04:34 PM

Unless Texas is specifically mentioned in relation to Dallas, you might consider that other towns in the U.S. are named Dallas. Iowa, Arkansas, Oregon and NC all have towns called Dallas.

RE: Hot: DALLAS surges in the dreams! 08/19/2014 - Eagle1 - 08-20-2014 06:58 PM

What a day for dream incubation! I battled about sending out an email, but decided to post the next day's instructions here. We have a lot of great symbols, emotions, etc. to work with here as well as some awesome suggestions! I want to make this simple for tomorrow since I think many of the dreamers haven't seen their email just yet.

For those just now joining tonight, please go ahead and simply incubate a Dallas dream for tonight using the original instructions. For those who submitted a dream today, here are the new instructions (i.e., the next iterative leg of our new headline-generation model):

- We're going to be working on filling in the WHAT-WHERE-WHEN in accordance with the new scoring system. I thought we had already established a 0-4-3 max score, but RadOwl supplied a very important suggestion, in that we really don't even know the state we're in yet!

- Although WHAT is the biggest question right now, I'd rather move toward the timing so that we can see how much time we have to figure this thing out. Therefore, tonight:

1. Eliminate any WHAT in your mind (i.e., don't formulate hypotheses about what we've collectively dreamed so far).

2. The intention tonight is receiving the exact day that the next HUGE, NATIONAL headline will host a city named Dallas.

3. If you feel confident in your skills, you may add the following: attempt to receive the COUNTRY and STATE that this national-level headline will take place.

4. If you achieve all that and have a second or third sleep period, then work on any of the 3 areas you wish (WHAT-WHERE-WHEN), but be sure to communicate what your intention was, specifically.

5. Post your dream / comments exactly how we did it today.

Depending on what we've got tomorrow, we'll begin working on themes and hammering out more specifics. Any questions?

RE: Hot: DALLAS surges in the dreams! 08/19/2014 - Shadewolf - 08-20-2014 11:11 PM

My intentions going into this dream were to identify the most major event affecting/occurring in the Dallas area in the next 6 weeks. Here's what I got:

(I was lucid in the dream and it was in color) The dream started at roughly 03:30 MST this morning.

I was in a very large indoor space that had some subdivided rooms. There were not very many lights on, but there was subdued lighting in the room I was in. This room had interior windows through which I could see the vastness of the overall building. The immediate room I was in felt in one sense as it was a multi-family dwelling, and there were about a half a dozen people I didn't know at all hanging around the edges of the room watching. In the middle of the room on the floor, there was a very detailed small scale-sized city. It filled the floor of the room. At first I thought it was a lego project, but on closer inspection it was made of the same materials found in a real city. The city was dingy and there was alot of dirt and dust around it, it felt like it was dying and what vibrant life used to be there was now pretty faded. An older woman, with a thin build and strangely grey hair came into the room. She had no soul and very much seemed like some kind of automaton, or that her resident consciousness was actually located elsewhere and yet still in control of her body. She directed her attention on the miniature cityscape and began knocking buildings down, crushing them, or causing them to simply disappear. As distressing as watching that felt, she did not acknowledge my presence at all, nor could I do anything to change her course of action. As she continued to dismantle/destroy the miniature city, the light that I didn't realise was emanating from the little buildings until then, was getting less and less and the room kept getting darker.

RE: Hot: DALLAS surges in the dreams! 08/19/2014 - Eagle1 - 08-21-2014 10:52 AM

The question WHEN is traditionally the toughest aspect of dream predicting, but we saw some absolutely stunning results from both Project August and Project Uno.

Remember, if you made any sort of intention and you don't receive direct evidence of what you sought, it still serves us to document that dream. For one, there might be a metaphor indicating a time (for example, if someone is falling in the dream, perhaps this Fall would be the timeframe).

Just know that the vast majority of us are very new to this...especially trying to incubate a day or time. Don't despair, and please don't feel embarrassed if you didn't pinpoint the exact day. If none of us come with a specific date, then perhaps the collective surge of "Dallas" was a mere coincidence...nothing to see here.

I personally don't think that will be case, but then again, I did receive a time last night. I'll reveal mine when other begin coughing up their results. I don't want to muddy the waters with my weird input.

Summary: Please put your incubated dream into the database, even if it didn't pick up any time element. Worse case, we can use the dream symbols for the other two elements (WHAT and WHERE).

RE: Hot: DALLAS surges in the dreams! 08/19/2014 - awakeneddreamer - 08-21-2014 02:08 PM

When I dream of certain people/things/ symbols I pay attention. that is what happened when I did the PA with my friend in Idaho. I saw her and sat up. this project didn't have the same feeling as the first. Not the dread, but one of neutral information. I do a copy paste to save time. I haven't read anything on this topic yet as I have limited access.

THREE DREAMS CONVERGED last night so I will try to keep the stories/issues as clear as I can. Several words/terms became apparent. Tropical, Red Cross, Rita, depression.

I am not certain if 'depression' is related to tropical or the Dallas school/wedding events as it all happened in the same timeline.

Initially I saw a tropical storm rolling up the coast that sparked violent thunder storms cells and patterns that set off tornadoes around (north) of the Dallas/Fort Worth area. what I found interesting is that I saw airplanes thrown around in the high winds, so am not sure if it ripped through the airport there or ones in the sky or both. It was an odd event. I also saw headlines "79 dead, hundreds missing".

Then the dream merged into a school. I saw children ( a young girl in particular with shoulder length blondish hair) insisting on taking out a series of books having to do with a wedding in a foreign country. Suddenly the shelves of books were moved (to act as a shield?) and glass shattering. Window frames falling out of the walls. Teachers were attempting to protect the children.

Next I saw children and people at a ceremony I want to say was a wedding but unusual, like a cultural difference perhaps a foreign celebration at a temple or mosque perhaps. The clothing was colorful, folk-like, women were all covered in bright veils. This event was interrupted by something 'dark'. Nothing specific came up. The 'feeling' was dark.

I saw police cars and then a forensic artist drawing a sketch of a very large man with balding head or perhaps shaved head. Dark skinned, and a prominent brow; he seemed to me to look like an althlete like a football player. He was connected to the above events somehow. (depressed/depression?) or was the tropical storm a depression?

Not sure.

I had a flash/vision of the earth shaking near THE DALLES north of Portland with headlines, " USGS scientists researching cause of earth movement in Cascadia range". A 4.5 eartquake felt near The Dalles in Oregon near Mt Hood that was also felt along the Cascadia range from Mt Rainier and Mt St Helens to Mt Hood, may actually be a release of pressure from a massive and critical build up at Yellowstone. Scientists are keeping a close eye on both areas for further developments in Washington, Oregon and the region".

RE: Hot: DALLAS surges in the dreams! 08/19/2014 - Sherriann_P1 - 08-21-2014 03:24 PM

My intent last night was to get a date for my Dallas, TX event and this is what I was given.

My deam vision was an eye appealing picture in subtle hues/shades of yellow. The picture was of the long narrow face of a younger woman (well, younger than me *L*) with long straight blond hair who was writing in a journal she was holding in the other hand, like stand-up note taking. To her left was a sunflower, head slightly bent, watching her write/what she was writing.

Perhaps the fields included sunflowers (the little kind) in the Dallas dream. There are definitely large sunflower fields outside Dallas. They are tourist attractions and farmers complain about tourists trampling their fields. Except, the Texas sunflower harvest should be done by now.

When I went to DreamMoods, I found this: To see a sunflower in a dream symbolizes warmth, abundance, longevity, and prosperity. The sunflower also serves to point us in the right direction and is a source of spiritual guidance. Even through difficult times, we will persevere. Alternatively, the sunflower denotes haughtiness. We may be deceived by the false appearance of someone.

I don't see a date in there anywhere. I'll try again tonight.

Unhelpful Time estimate?? - YippYPro - 08-21-2014 04:22 PM

Dream was extremely short:

I intended to dream about WHEN the next national-level headline will be about a city named Dallas.

In my dream, I am sitting in front of the computer and signed into the NDC forums. I scroll down and see the following words:

“Three Years. Three Years.”

Notes: I wouldn't be too disappointed if I had simply received “3 years” (i.e., not twice). However, the fact that there’s two of them just muddies the water. So, is it six years? Or is it just saying three years emphatically?

So, perhaps nothing is coming in Dallas in the near term, or my dream is full of you know what. Either way, this dream seems very UNhelpful.

RE: Hot: DALLAS surges in the dreams! 08/19/2014 - Eagle1 - 08-21-2014 07:13 PM

Let's try it again tonight, but stick with what you're comfortable with, whether it be What, Where, or When.

On the surface, the time intention seems to reveal that nothing major is coming for Dallas, which I believe would be a first for a consistently-surging word to NOT appear in the news.

Everybody please give it a try again tonight and then we'll compile all the data tomorrow. Perhaps I'll give the time intention again see if YEARS come up. That was very bizarre.

Is all this Dallas meming because of these headlines?

I don't think so, but what do I know?

RE: Hot: DALLAS surges in the dreams! 08/19/2014 - esholars - 08-21-2014 08:44 PM

I intended to dreams answers about the Dallas question.

This is what I received.

Time: of action of dream, Morning until dusk.

Place: ?

Mood: searching, questioning but calm.

Clothing: I am wearing a full length light weight gray coat, a gray hat (my favorite one) and black leather gloves. (Could be sign of fall Sept. Oct. Nov. I never noted other people not wearing coats.)

Setting: City (since I saw cobblestone, this might mean it is an old city that has/had something to do with the Navy and is now a major metropolis.

I come out of a building walk down the stairs while pulling on my gloves. I stop at the bottom turn to look at the building. It is a three story town house, red brick with black trim and white steps. It is one of many on both sides of the street. It has no signage but it is a Bed and Breakfast.

I turn to the street and I think "Day is bright, sky is blue, time is short, whatch ya gonna do Sherlock?" I walk to the nearest corner and looking one way I see in the distance gray Navy ships, another way I see cobbled streets and another direction I see tall city buildings.

(Apparently I am aware I am playing Sherlock with my dream intent.)

I decide to walk to the city. Along the way I ask people "have you seen _____? (I look at my hands and see a black blurry spot like they use in TV shows to hide identity). I stop in a city park to rest. I see green grass, flowers, old Oak trees, children playing and people doing things that people do in parks. It is a very well kept city park. ( I never saw what I was holding but the questioned could see something.)

I am walking again with my parents (where did they come from? They died years ago.) I see a baker-man (he looks like Chef Boy-ar-dee) I ask him if he could help. He looks at me as if I am a simple minded person and just shakes his head.

I walk back to my parents and tell them "No luck! You go that way, I will go this way". I think "They slow me down." (They were always telling me to slow down in waking life)
I turn and go to the nearby corner I continue asking people. At the corner I look at the street sign I see this side say 5th street but I cannot clearly make out the other side I think it says Chesterton.

I again look at my hands but now the blurry spot has turned white. I ask what this means. I wake up.

Now I didn't know if this had anything to do with Dallas but I was told Fort Worth has a closed Naval base.
I won't even try to score this!