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1/15/19 Emotions and Perception
Watch the Video Version:
How to CIRF Today’s Influences: We begin with some really nice balanced energies and emotions on Wednesday, 1/16. Moon trine Mercury makes judgement balanced, perceptions clear, mental acuity. On Wednesday, you get Moon Trine Sun and hopefully you’ll feel the balanced energies afforded there. Wednesday is nice, balanced, clear. Energies change on Thursday when the Moon makes an opposition to Jupiter. The emotions might actually improve into giddiness, but at the same time, the perceptions can be a disaster. The opposition clouds things and may influence you to take things personally or misinterpret peoples’ intentions. Sidereal astrology suggests you take on the best of Taurus during this time. Not too materialistic, remain grounded and experience life the fullest.Be advised that all planets are now direct, so this train has only one way to crash….personal perceptions. Watch the video for more precise guidance. 

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Thanks given by: Goldengirl
caterpillar yellow anger castle
"Caterpillar" large building driven equipment is yellow. I wonder if construction projects are harmed by the government shutdown. Castle has meant While House at times in the past. So perhaps there is anger about construction projects funded by the government which are shutdown right now.
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