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1/21/19 Hunt your Spoil
How to CIRF Today’s Influences: Daniel and John show up in the DreamBot run. How amazing that Daniel is well known for his ability to visualize the future and have prophetic dreams! Meanwhile, the DreamBot has an extremely high correlation to hunting and trapping. Is it a coincidence that John was a fisherman? Although we have two main themes, they seem to be all related into one. Can we translate this into astrology somehow? Let’s begin with hunting and animals. Where are the zodiac’s hunter(s)? Check all the fire signs. Leo is a lion and lion’s hunt every day. Sagittarius has a bow and arrow, and Aries is the warrior, who has tools for hunting and killing. Folks, we have a grand fire trine as this bot run is being formulated. Wow! Just wow. Toprical zodiac screams FIRE right now, but from a hunter’s standpoint. Go out and get your spoil. In other words, go out and achieve your goals! Remember the eclipse energy that had you building goals and objectives? Well now it’s already time to achieve those goals. Hunt down solutions for your vexing problems. The energy is on your side!

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