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1/22/20 Leaving the Station towards a New Era
Trending in the Collective Dreams (See chart below for visual representation):  station era months breakfast pants spend grill passenger pumping tan seat smell days pink minutes elevator centre train driveway appearance seemingly hotel wedding edward breath showed truck grandfather worse mum

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How to read DreamBot runs:
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station era
grill passenger pumping
elevator centre train driveway

smell days ( Gain with these words too)

I wonder if this has to do with The auto industry and the manufacturing of gasoline cars.
Perhaps news will come out about the gas and passenger cars vs public transportation.
Maybe about transportation in general? Station could be a train station or a gas station.
Wish I understood "smell days".
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I posted this a couple days ago:

Click on this. Will need to scroll down to see my post.
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You definitely picked up on the oil aspect before I did. I wish I knew why it( all of the words) keeps coming up.
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Same here.

I'll admit that the bot runs of the past few months has me feeling like heading for the hills and hunkering down for the duration.
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