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1/6/19 Accept What Comes!
Watch the Video Version:
How to CIRF Today’s Influences: Do you want the good news or the bad news? The best word that describes the next couple of days’ worth of energy is the 5th word in the DreamBot run: “HILLS.” The energy is sort of a mini-rollercoaster, especially energy and emotional highs and lows. Record your dreams on Monday morning, as this could clue you in on past issues still consuming your subconscious thoughts and beliefs. Get that past material resolved so you can move on! Mid morning, then the Moon transitions into a sextile with Mars, making us alive and yang and pushing forward with initiative. On 1/8/19, then Mercury takes a turn with Mars, but this time a square. Things get emotionally challenging. The key to all this Mars rollercoaster is to align with the Sidereal stars….which is Pisces. FEEEEL thy emotions and stop avoiding. What’s most cool is that the collective dreamers are demonstrating a great deal of welcoming acceptance, so all we have to do is remember to accept each emotion, each experience, each energy change, and yes, cherish each minute you’re present with life itself. Stop avoiding, stop ignoring, stop trying to escape. Live in the Now!

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