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10/25/14 Collective, primordial valley
We’ve entered another mild valley in the collective unconscious. All the surges are very tame (capped out at 500%), and the list itself (which usually comprises words that surge greater than 100%) is really super short. I identified two main groups. The first seems to deal with a convention and a shotgun. Perhaps this is a gun show gone haywire?

Group 2 is not media friendly. In other words, I doubt any headline is coming out about it, but it appears the collective energies have run much more primordial lately. Have fun with this list, and enjoy the apparent break we’ve been afforded!


Raw text:

10/25/2014    %Change from Ave    % Change from Yesterday

adjust    94.2%    500.0%
shelter    81.5%    500.0%
oddly    60.4%    500.0%
shotgun    150.5%    300.0%
afternoon    92.1%    300.0%
convention    87.6%    200.0%
tiger    53.9%    175.0%
romantic    101.3%    160.0%
positive    128.9%    142.9%
painting    60.1%    140.0%
nearly    87.6%    137.5%
cool    81.1%    136.4%
penis    109.0%    114.3%
stall    79.6%    114.3%
nighttime    109.1%    100.0%
fri    73.9%    100.0%
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Oh dear, where my mind went with this run!

If your romantic Friday does stall,
take a little blue pill to make your penis tall.
To avoid being nearly a fool,
though I am positive the tiger will be really cool.
Oddly though it may be I am opposed to the soft light of the moon,
Convention suggest taking shelter until afternoon.
In case we are caught,
my Papa a shotgun has got,
and our lives he will surely adjust!
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Tame surges....I wonder if this may mean that the collective consciousness is just now seeing all new headlines instead of seeing anything that's about to "pop." Maybe, maybe not.

LOL Escholars, me too! My first thought with the bottom part of list was, "somebody's gonna be romantic some Friday night, soon but keep it zipped-up." Gee, sounds like the good 'ole days. (grin)

Well, there's a "World Fantasy Convention" coming in DC early November, a Mathematical convention in Tennesse same time-frame approx., Society for Neuroscience in DC, Speech language convention in Orlando late-Nov., Anime in Miami, and Deepwater Operations in Galveston, TX. Okay! I'll stop listing upcoming conventions, I wonder. Yes, a gun show could be the venue of some nut going off. Evil would dig the irony.
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