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10/28/14 Unprecedented: Spaceship Earth + Food both memes skyrocket!
Never before seen in DreamBot history:
Dual-dynamo clusters. Let’s start at the top….our threshold for alert has been exceeded by not just one meme but two (or, depending on one’s interpretation skills…three memes all within the highest rung of surges…see red rectangle at the top of the chart). For our purposes, just to simplify what we’re seeing here, we combine “Bridge” and “Spaceship” into one meme, primarily because of the significant support that “Spaceship” gets in the rest of the run (see the set of arrows on the LEFT side of the word list…all the solid arrows seem to directly support a SPACE meme, while the dashed arrows might be considered secondary support for same).

The second meme appears to be FOOD related (Pasta, Cake, Chocolate, Fruit, and even MON…stock ticker for Monsanto…who does all their evil creations in a LAB).

The big questions are as follows:
1. Has the criteria for urgent alerts been exceeded? Yes…in fact, both big memes here definitely qualify as red alerts.
2. Are the two memes related? With roughly 80-88% chance, these two memes are completely unrelated, and if both produce big headlines in the future will most likely be two separate events.
3. Will these two memes manifest or “come true” in real life? Based on our very immature statistics thus far, we have about a 75% chance that at least one will come true.
4. What is the timeframe on when the headline will take place? Based on many varying statistics, it appears that the sweet spot on this particular run will be between 2 days and 6 days. That 4-day window produces a bell curve which includes the 75% probability. If the events haven’t come true by Nov 3rd, then the probability drops to about 25% and then reduces logarithmically to about 3 weeks time.

Actions from here:
P1/P2 are both called into action asap. Due to shortage of dreamers and time sensitive memes here, I allow P2 to incubate dreams and input them into the DreamBase.

For documentation purposes, I recommend a single mission (it will be called P1_10). Single mission because just in case the two memes are actually a single meme (the overlapping dreams should catch this. HOWEVER, I also recommend that each dreamer pick EITHER “Space/Spaceship” OR “Food.” I also recommend that dreamers focus on one of two areas: WHAT or WHERE. Example: WHAT is the next huge headline about Space or Spaceship? WHERE is next huge headline about Food? We probably don’t need a WHERE about Space, but if we end up having enough time to do it, and after we have the WHAT and WHEN fully fillied in, then we can shoot for WHERE on the Space meme.

As for the actual chart groupings, this is probably the most descriptive and colorful run we’ve ever seen (note: these only become predictive when overlapping in actual dream content). See the green boxes in the chart below and compare to the brief analysis I provide here:
Group 1: Sounds like a sci-fi writer will end up being blamed for bad advice or something
Group 2: It appears that Monsanto will be ‘thanked’ for yet another atrocious policy or invention or patent
Group 3: Appears to infer about a non-earthly testing lab (maybe a remote viewer accidentally stumbles upon it?)
Group 4: It’s official…forget about “normal” fruit forever….for some reason to come (will Butterfly be associated?)

One last thing, in ruling out Day Residue, I found these recent articles. While some are pretty important, I just don't think they would have produced the profound results in this run:


Comments welcome.

Plain text provided for search functionality:
10/28/2014    %Change from Ave    % Change from Yesterday

pasta    266.4%    3200.0%
bridge    138.6%    3200.0%
spaceship    231.9%    2700.0%
artist    101.9%    1600.0%
sci    125.6%    1300.0%
lousy    102.7%    1100.0%
carry    150.9%    733.3%
advice    95.4%    333.3%
glad    58.7%    333.3%
seriously    144.5%    283.3%
bullets    89.7%    250.0%
cake    165.4%    200.0%
discovered    97.0%    200.0%
struggling    91.6%    200.0%
agree    105.2%    183.3%
danger    60.3%    180.0%
mon    129.0%    176.9%
thank    58.9%    150.0%
nap    86.9%    142.9%
haunted    115.2%    137.5%
planet    146.6%    127.3%
chocolate    106.7%    125.0%
touching    85.2%    114.3%
device    123.3%    100.0%
apart    51.6%    100.0%
earth    95.6%    94.1%
lab    71.8%    83.3%
fruit    105.9%    80.0%
normal    55.5%    60.7%
forget    108.0%    56.3%
sure    60.2%    54.6%
butterfly    191.7%    50.0%
smoking    85.2%    50.0%
stare    65.0%    50.0%
costume    103.3%    45.5%
space    60.4%    45.2%
yeah    142.9%    41.9%
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