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10/3/2014 8:00pm - Lady Bug President in South America woes abound!
DREAM: Lady Bug President in South America woes abound! 2014-10-04
10/3/2014 8:00pm A South American “Lady Bug” Queen, or President is driving uphill through a Maize field full of corn, she is visited by an alien. (The alien in this dream is a metaphor for fear and powerlessness.) Her uphill struggles with the Maize or Corn (GMO or bad yielding harvest, leaving her people starving) will be on display for the entire world to see. It will be hidden though, the attempts on her life from foreign powers, men (Praying mantis) want to squash and eat the lady bug.

This dream is in the data base...

NEWS: Dilma Rousseff: 'I'm the victim of a great injustice'

Suspended Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff didn't mince words as she began the fight of her political life Thursday. "It's a coup," she told reporters, speaking out publicly for the first time since senators voted to begin an impeachment trial against her.

It took Brazil's Senate about 20 hours of debate to reach a decisive result early Thursday: The country's first female president must step aside while the trial gets underway. It took Rousseff less than an hour to make two speeches slamming the vote: One to reporters inside the presidential palace, and one to crowds outside after she was kicked out. "I'm the victim of a great injustice," Rousseff told cheering supporters.
Thanks given by: Cassandra , Nanny
LOL I luv this dream of yours about this "ladybug." Her impeachment sounds unavoidable.
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Brazil's President Delma is gone- woes abound as she was framed...big time. a real coup.
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Wow only 1.5 years after the dream.... I know my guide said he gave me all of the information i needed, and look back over what he had said but why give me information 1.5 years before it happens?

Dilma Rousseff's impeachment was led by the white, wealthy men who now make up the Brazilian cabinet
Brazil is among the most diverse countries on earth. Not since the last dictatorship has a Brazilian government been so unrepresentative of its people

Let’s start calling things by their name: what’s happening in Brazil today is a coup d’etat. A coup sponsored by both internal and external forces; forces that have many times before done away with democratically elected governments in Latin America, to satisfy the needs of neoliberal capitalism.

White, privileged, wealthy, male Brazilians have led the impeachment charges; those same white, privileged, wealthy, male Brazilians that used to have suffrage all for themselves – before power was wrested from their often-bloody hands by former slaves, indigenous populations, women, and LGTB groups.
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Delma's woes began in earnest approx a year ago or so. She was (bravo!) instrumental in getting Brazil and others onto
a private network away from spying eyes of NSA after Snowden came out with his revelations. She didn't waste any time.
connect the dots......
it took that long to get a coup together and make it look like she was culpable not the jackals.
that is how they do it. Its all spelled out in, "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" by John Perkins.
Additionally, when dreaming such as this is there really time/space? Its a slow process where the
#came true
also unfolds as a process IMHO and not always as one event.
You know the backdrops of the dreamscapes.
hard to pin down 3D- in diffuse infrared dream frequency.
In project August and Sept. that year (2014?) wow time flies, I had a major dream that become a somewhat hit-
of a crash then saw Oprah.
A year and half or so later there was a news article reporting on catching two terrorists that were involved in
a plot to blow up the Tower in Chicago where Oprah's studio was housed. Plot to crash a car bomb
into the building while she was recording with live audience. She stopped her show shortly after that.
I think there was a total of nearly five years as the plot progressed and it finally hit the news.
Thanks given by: Windy

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