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12/12/18 Back to Wholeness
Watch the Video Version:
How to CIRF Today’s Influences: Numerology is strong today with 12-12 being a big clue about what forces are at play. The DreamBot speaks of health and wellness and the physical body, but then it also talks about the otherly or higher beings (mainly alien and Jesus). Interesting how Jesus shows up on 12-12, being how many references to the number 12 are in the Bible. It’s about wholeness, completeness, and balance, but all that is doubled! The Sun sextiles the Moon around midday in the US. This is very representative of what’s happening in the numerology and DreamBot. Overall, make it a Capricorn goal to take care of yourself today. Mend wounds, rejuvenate, and stay socially balanced. The video has more suggestions…

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