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12/16/18 (pm) Adrenaline Mega Fire
Watch the Video Version:
How to CIRF Today’s Influences: With the Moon and Sun both in fire signs, it’s no wonder why the collective dreams are bombastically adrenaline-filled. There is plenty of energy to go around, and it will hit a climax around midnight Monday night in the US, or a little past midnight when the Moon in Aries trines the Sun in Sagittarius. What’s even more interesting is that when we align with the Sidereal zodiac for guidance, we ARE STILL IN THOSE TWO SIGNS! Wow! We have pure fire as the influence and then the solution is to be the fire! Go out with courage on Monday and Tuesday. Shine your light bright and big. Give life to the people in need. Express your truth, but just be careful to avoid the pitfalls of fire signs. Watch out for reckless and impulsive behavior. This isn’t a carte blanche for you to behave haphazardly. Remember your values. And remember that fire can BURN. Don’t be the one who burns others. Watch your actions, but go out and make a huge impact on this world. Great time to initiate new projects. 

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