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12/23/18 Traveling Relationships
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How to CIRF Today’s Influences: The two main themes of the collective unconscious involve Time and Relationships. In the astrology, time is evident on the 24th of December due to the Moon conjunct with the North Node. Oh yes, tap into your dreams, for you might get many clues about where your life is headed or what you need to do in this lifetime. North Node is all about your life plan and the future. Moon signifies your emotions. Emotions are your tap into the realm of the spirit.  This isn’t to say that you need to be emotional….you need to EXPERIENCE and become more aware of your deeper emotions in order to get all this insight and dreams. For December 25th, there are a couple of trines that aid in relationships and both are in fire signs. It’s give give give! But at the same time you need to align with the sidereal stars, which asks you to once again tap into your emotions. The next two days is all about awareness of your mystical, emotional waters deep inside. Merry Christmas everyone!

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