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12/25/18 Christmas is #2!
Watch the Video Version:
How to CIRF Today’s Influences: We have two very different energies Wednesday and Thursday and the DreamBot caught the whole shift! Wednesday is a continuation from Tuesday’s socially interactive energies. That includes a 3-pronged Fire energy in order to align to the sidereal sky. Then on Thursday, the space weather changes, and boy does it change. The DreamBot picked up on a transition to awkward social energy, almost feeling like a bad joke or being the brunt of the joke. With a loose T-square in the sky, its no wonder that the collective dreams picked up on that awkwardness. To be in align with the sidereal on Thursday will mean a call to AQUARIUS. Yes! Coming from a tropical Aquarius sunsign, this is my safe zone! I’ll be coming home on Thursday! Woohoo! Watch the video for more!

Weekday CIRF Reports:

Trending in the Collective Dreams (See chart below for visual representation):  university christmas days view bike burger access five dolphin ask alt boyfriend guilty joke cancel regarding festival forget will material tar aunt golf were grade night coffee people automatically older 

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How to read DreamBot runs:
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A very interesting interaction did, indeed, occur not to long before this Dreambot Run was made. John made a video (which you VIEW) after he ASKed a woman named Veronica Lois Clark (a.k.a Veronica Kuzniar Clark.) to marry him (as in marry CHRISTmas). Veronica has a BOYFRIEND, but John is the ALTernative. Veronica once attended UNIVERSITY, and he met her at a COFFEE shop. The DOLPHIN relates to the word "Duaphin" in French, which means "heir to the throne." John is the heir to the Merovingian bloodline, the Bloodline of Christ.
Thanks given by: John Alan Martinson Jr
[Image: 21kf72t.jpg]

Enrigue Iglesias disguises himself as just another "normal" guy at a burger joint.

Marriage Proposal

I proposed to Veronica Lois Clark on December 26 in the form of a video. Veronica is the reincarnation of Saint Veronica as I, and many Masons, keep repeatedly showing in plain sight. Mary Magdalene and Saint Veronica are one and the same. This is one of the royal secrets. Saint Veronica is alive today as Veronica Lois Clark. She was named for her mother, and the ladies are both named for Saint Veronica who is known for having a image of the King on her veil (i.e., a ghostly image on fabric). The comic book characters Silk Spectre I and Silk Spectre II are named for Veronica Clark (mother) and her daughter (Veronica Clark), for a ghostly image on fabric is a "silk spectre." Silk Spectre's soulmate is Dr. Manhattan, whose real name is Jon Osterman. Jon and Silk Spectre kiss on Mars.

[Image: xnal2b.png]

university - Veronica earned her master’s degree with honors in Military History in 2009 from Norwich University
christmas - Christmas "Gathering of Christ" but you're also saying "Marry Christ" when you say "Merry Christmas."
days - A day has 24 hours, which is 8 + 8 + 8. I was born 8/8/80 and ST JOHN equals 888 in Jewish gematria, as does the name VERONICA.
view - To watch or view something. The marriage proposal was presented as a video.
bike - This relates to motorcycle, which has a value of 117. See my post for the date 1/17 to learn more about this important number.
burger - The one you didn't expect.
dolphin - The "dolphin" (French: Dauphin) is the heir to the throne. Note the Merovingian connection to Princess Veronica Lois Clark.
ask - A marriage proposal is "asking" a woman to marry.
alt - I am the alternative.
boyfriend - Veronica currently has a boyfriend named John Vincent. Keep in mind that Jon Travolta played Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction and made the stupid mistake of thinking about making a move on the boss' girl. The boss wears ORANGE, which has a value of 33 in Pythagorean gematria, being the 33rd degree of the Scottish Rite. The boss' name is MARSellus Wallace and his first name means "God of Mars/War." My name is John Alan Martinson, and my surname means "Son of Mars" (Ares, Amen). Things don't end well for Jon "Vincent Vega" Travolta in that movie.

[Image: 2i6k8z.png]

guilty - I agree.
joke - This is not a joke.
cancel - I sense someone needs to cancel their plans for the future.
festival - A day or period of celebration, typically a religious commemoration. In this case it is a wedding celebration.
forget - I sense someone needs to forget about their plans for the future.
will - Absolute Will
material - The material component of reality is the female component.
tar - Tar is black.
golf - This relates to Freemasonry's Tubal-Cain (Two-Ball Cane). 
grade - A degree is also called a grade.
night - The thief that comes in the night (i.e., dressed in black to blend in with the night). See burger like Hamburglar (the thief you didn't expect). The Hamburglar dresses in black and white for good reason, just as Christian Grey's surname is a nod to the mixture of "black and white." A black and white (mulatto) Christian is a Grey Christian. A black and white Christian that wears shades is Fifty Shades of Christian Grey. Note that when Anastasia (playing the role of Princess Veronica, and therefore named for a princess) enter's Christian's office building there is a huge image of a black and white panda bear. The bear is a symbol of the Roman god Mars. I am John Alan Martinson Jr. My surname means "Son of Mars" (Ares, Amen) and I am the black and white "Christian Grey" and the black and white "Hamburglar" (thief).
coffee - I met Veronica in person only once at a Starbucks coffee shop.
people - People are mostly barking dogs and swine that salivate at any opportunity to open their mouth and reveal their stupidity. It would be nice if people woke up but some of them think they can live without the sun/son. You can't wake up without the sun...and you can't have a "good morning" without Him.
automatically - "Automatic" is the name of a song by Tokio Hotel, which is one of Veronica's favorite bands.
older - Veronica was born on 3/18/79 (Pisces), whereas I was born 8/8/80 (Leo). Veronica is older than me. 

[Image: s1hhcj.png]

[Image: kboh1t.jpg]

Recognize Me?
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