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12/26/14 Zebra is back (and the winner is....)
Okay, question: Do we have a clue for the coming bowl game zebra event? Florida?! (If you haven't been following the runs lately, we've pretty much established that Zebras in our recent bot runs represent the coming bowl games (zebras being a jargon word for referee):

Anyway, I checked the college schedule and there are 3 different dates where a bowl contest has “Florida” associated with it. See this link:    And the fact that the bot says, “Florida Yelling”….I’m wondering if we can go ahead and pick Florida State as the winner of the Jan 12th College Championship. Oh, also expect some Drama to be Cook(ed) up Randomly.

“Blows Bowel” seems grotesquely obvious, but is this also associated with the zebra event? Or is the collective telling us how to get rid of constipation? Eat more Salad. Just a little bit lower we have Beck. Glen Beck? This score is at the noise level, so I'm not sure if we pour a bunch of stock into this name. Let's just watch it.


UP Words:     zebra salad blows bowel youth beck beta moderation scorpion tab flower cook drama randomly florida yelling dragged zoo alive layer lately yard forest yellow mix logo panel append controversial diary factual gilded indonesia

DOWN Words:   met glass thinking taking clothes piece lake late moment notes today row hotel minutes shoot had real pulling ice sad mon UP hours
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Beck may be Glenn, or not but I agree with your hunch, and my own hunch is that this name sure will fulfill, even if it, too takes 53 days.

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zoo alive
Abused, unwanted animals find haven at Popcorn Park Zoo
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Didn't someone have a dream a while back where USC was playing and there was some sort of major attack? As I recall, in the dream they were playing at the Coliseum, making them the home team. USC is the home team in their bowl game tomorrow. Maybe the "Zebra" reference is to that game? Probably too late to get much of a dream forecast on it now.
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(12-27-2014, 01:33 AM)MTB_forums Wrote: Didn't someone have a dream a while back where USC was playing and there was some sort of major attack?  As I recall, in the dream they were playing at the Coliseum, making them the home team.  USC is the home team in their bowl game tomorrow.  Maybe the "Zebra" reference is to that game?  Probably too late to get much of a dream forecast on it now.

September 23, 2014 – Plane or Missile...or neither
A better explanation of the dream -
I saw a small explosion in a populated area. This is where the right brain tangles with dreams because on awaking, I thought it was a plane crash and then later I thought it might be a rocket. I didn't actually see an object in the dream. The roofs of the white houses were all reddish brown, like they were tiled rather than shingled. There were palm trees indicating a warm climate. There was a big building like a stadium or hanger or....It wasn't hit. The explosion hit toward the north of the building.

September 24, 2014 - Ambulance Waiting

September 25, 2014 – Gassing Up the Ambulance
Posted October 6 - The dreamer wrote, "Their conversation specifically said in two days “ the event” is going to happen and then they started talking about a college football game they were going to that night. I believe they said it was a USC football game. So maybe that gives me West Coast as a possibility of where the event is going to happen. They said they felt bad for all of the kids who will be at the football game as they don’t know they only have 2 days left most likely."

October 10 -
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an official causing telling might indicate they may have changed the out come of the game thus causing one group of fans to yell not cheer. Though cheering and yellng are similar
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I am not getting a good feeling about this.
Too many of us are getting the 'input' in our dream time- aside from residue.

I had one for 2015 that was VERY clear...with California. I've been using my P2 efforts to reverse it.

also an incubation for NADW's Brown, university...etc.
Only this was UCLA- but then could have been USC; not sure where all those California campuses are or what their team colors are..
Plane- crash- target- explosion?

Well then- here is another point of view on Zebra- (false flag attempts?)
Zebra Force (Codename: Zebra, USA title...)
The Zebra Force -- Band of ex-soldiers forms an international anti-crime ..... Connections. Followed by Code Name: Zebra (1987) Code Name: Zebra: Mike Lane, Timmy Brown ... › Movies & TV › 4-for-3 DVD

okay we have a MIKE and a BROWN and a ZEBRA all of which have been hot in dreams and bot runs......

just sayin'
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This is a scorpion flower....

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTZPuVermgRx0U1uAS8Z5V...GQVXYFlZ8s]

.... and then there is the scorpion bomb:
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Check out this article to see if it matches "zebra salad blows bowel" and "beta moderation" and "panel append controversial"

In short, the ref who basically decided the game's winner now complains of PTSD!
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1/16/2015 +21 days
New study links zebra stripes to temperature
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