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12/27/18 Power vs Feelings
Watch the Video Version:
How to CIRF Today’s Influences: Get ready for the big showdown folks! If you step back a little and review last CIRF report, you’ll notice how the Universe has been setting all this up for us. We were all given some good social energy but then started to degrade into weird, almost taunting joking social awkwardness. Now it’s much more severe as the transit Moon will oppose Mars in a clear mismatch of inappropriate energy. Misunderstandings and poor communication is now in the rearview mirror. Late morning on Friday, the influence will be more passionate, aggressive, moody, argumentative, and perhaps conflict breaks out. This is a purposeful ruse from the Universe. It’s setting us up for 12 hours later when Mars joins Chiron in a Tropical Pisces conjunction. Chiron is the healing warrior and he’s showing you how to stand your ground with healthier assertiveness skills. Fighting and aggression is what is causing your pain. Step back and let Chiron health your emotional outbreaks with calm bravery instead of impulsive offense. The Collective Unconscious has of course seen this coming as the two main themes in the DreamBot are Power/Dominance and Emotions/Experience. It’s a Yin/Yang, and guess what? The climax of all this comes in the wee hours of Saturday when Moon squares Sun for the final showdown. The suggested solution is much more complex than CIRF viewers are used to. Watch the video if you want the advanced CIRF instructions for Friday and Saturday.

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