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12/3/18 Yang
Watch the Video Version:
How to CIRF Today’s Influences: While the astrological layout looks quite ominous, the triangulation of the main influence nets a day that is expressive and largely outward, social, yang. Those who stay in as hermets today will most likely feel the negative side of this energy the most. But social engagement is not without its risks and you need to be aware of this! Sun square Mars has us feeling defensive and trying to “one-up” the other person. Venus will be tickled by the Moon today and they both continue the opposition to Uranus, planet of change. The answer to all this craziness comes in the sidereal astrology, but you’ll have to watch the video on how to do it. 

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Trending in the Collective Dreams (See chart below for visual representation):  days structure boat view included filled five dogs shot sorry length planet comes months lucid pleasant cross big mother gave gives were excited surprise one tells theme queen friend smaller 

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Background: Regardless of whether you can feel it or not, we are all being influenced by the Collective Unconscious. So many philosophers and social psychologists throughout the ages have studied and written about this phenomenon. Not only does a collective emotion/mind/influence exist, it secretly and subtly influences our unconscious thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. This is not to say that all your experiences are determined outright by the Collective Unconscious. But if you gain more awareness of this influence, you will have more control over your own life and destiny. Read more:

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