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12/30/18 Balance and Guidance
Watch the Video Version:
How to CIRF Today’s Influences: The Collective Unconscious is clearly yearning for balance, apparently from the recent chaos and dichotomous energies affecting us. And with that balance, it feels a very strong yearning or propensity for guidance and direction. How amazing that the collective dreamers are feeling the same phenomenon happening in the sky! On Monday (the last day of 2018), the Moon makes a sextile with the Sun. This alignment has historically influenced us to a state of inner balance, harmony, contentment, etc. But what about the aforementioned guidance/direction posed by the dreamers? Well, on the first day of 2019, the Moon makes another sextile….this time with the Pluto. True feelings come out, deep emotions are revealed. Heck, we may even get the underlying cause of some of our bad habits. At the same time, Mars has just entered Tropical Aries, so goal-driven behavior is a prominent energy. In short, the inside is revealed by Pluto, but made manifest by fired up Mars. How do we CIRF this energy? The Sidereal sky is asking us to align with Libra. It’s the best energy that takes into account both Tropical and Sidereal. Watch the video for more explanation and advice. And for God’s sakes, HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!!!! 

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