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2/16/15 The President's Keeper
President is wedged between Comfort and Danger, but who is the Keeper at 70 points? The lingo implies that the Keeper is someone other than the President. You mean, the President is NOT the most powerful person in the world? HA!

 The Flight through the Universe Continues. Somehow, the Fantastic Gender Collision will provide World Healing. I look forward to the healing, but not the collision. If you’re new here, the gender collision meme was started in yesterday’s run.

Is there going to be some sort of false flag having to do with the sun? This isn’t the first time in recent days that the Sun has been highlighted with some sort of catastrophe. So now the question begs, will the story be made up?

So now I’m headed over to start a brand new project that I’m super excited about. We’ll be combining linguistics into a new modality that will tap into the quantum field. I’ll discuss this further after we know more about it.


UP Words:     keeper comfort president broccoli danger continuing flight universe blood refer faced imagery fantastic gender collision healing worlds equipment religious semi skip engage appreciate instructions convince nova bug flag theme sun farther gemini sick

DOWN Words:   breathe ice truck died nose deep vibrations days teeth finger positive tree young orange would gotten vehicle crazy story competition snakes power dinner style eggs music bland fri versus
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President broccoli danger is likely referring to Bush Sr. It is a known fact that he hates broccoli after he disclosed he hated it while serving in office. The press ran for days with that story and late night T.V. ran with it for years. On the flip side, Obama has stated he likes broccoli. Maybe it relates to Obama but I am betting Bush Sr. Sr. is very old and was the keeper of the U.S. and some powerful sons.
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well well well,

who is the presidents keeper, i agree twice blessed, it most likely was Bush senior, CIA chief, two terms himself and 2 terms for his son/sun/scion. Is the presidents comfort in danger……

And now jeb is running again….so america isn't a monarchy hehehehe….2 clinton terms and now wifey…..
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Glad to see Group 1 confirms hunch about gender group in yesterday's bot run. Gender confusion and all things peripheral, but important to it will rule the year along with a lot of other hot-button issues.

Just today, has another story on this gender mess.

"President broccoli" could mayyybe point to GW Bush's dad, Herbert?

"Convince nova" and then "gemini sick?" I've gotta slow down and ponder these. Hope y'all have some hunches that I can get on-board with.

"Snakes" dreamed of, in the loser section. Yep, I awoke this am dreaming of three snakes, each a different type being in one room of my home, then going out-of-sight, and me very concerned for my daughters that still lived at home, in the dream.

(Expecting a phonecall from my one friend that's a truly gifted dreamer. I was eating so she said she'll call back in half-hour. Said she had an "epic" dream last night, so I know it's "one of those" and I've gotta check and see if she's reported it here, yet.)
Time to read this thread. Another good one.

The keeper's a female, I believe and it ain't the wife. It's the boss for sure. heh heh...

Likely, on a false flag concerning the sun. A retired CIA agent that lives in Canada claims that one has already been EMP over the main 48 and another country was maybe going to be blamed, or the sun blamed. Anyway, that sure is possible. Hope the next attempt, if so, fails also. (I should say....if true, also. It's reportedly...I don't know the dude personally, but I sure as heck discern a fine soul.)

(Ah, so eggs were dreamed about. Still, not milk. Oh well, I was the only one that dreamed of "missing milk" and I'm not a gifted dreamer, except everyone gets at least a very few dreams that are prophetic, over their lifetimes. Snakes again....I take note of these. The last one was a warning dream for me to be very careful at that time, as the green snake struck me in the solar-plexes, but I was fine, didn't even feel pain.)
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Look! Eureeka....the "president keeper" has finally made the headlines instead of doing so peripherally to some geopolitical issue. 'bout dang time...
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