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3/10/17 Not My Cup of Tea
Trending: tea cup tropical overgrown weeds surgical ward island class bus view dream hate original ocean beautiful says lucid up beach lose president back there adventure son ever self main balcony
Waning: game noticed green somewhere fragment space between getting train roof gold 2016 hand mom play nightmare fri brother crazy today

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Thanks given by: Goldengirl , heavendreamer
tropical overgrown weeds, island, ocean, beach - lots of words associated with an island
tea cup- one would think the UK but Turkey actually consumes more tea, as does Morocco and Ireland.
Surgical ward, island class- a natural disaster involving an island nation causes many injuries.  I do not believe it is terrorism because other language does not suggest that type of event.
lose president- a head of state loses an election
Thanks given by: heavendreamer , Eagle1
The title of this run was "not my cup of tea". Eagle nailed it. DOn't drink the toxic tea...
Thanks given by: Goldengirl , ThePaladin
Wow. Great connection Twice and Eagle. I've always thought the titles have connections as well. I know they're not just the botrun words, BUT as in this case too, very precognitive. Big Grin

I also pray no one else gets sick, and these two recover.
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