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3/11/15 Look out Sydney! Asciepius is coming your way...
ARGGGHHHHH! I can't stand how my hosting service keep changing things. Now I'm getting a 403 error when I try to input pictures. So, I'm publishing the text while I try and figure out what happened to my image upload .

You’ll most likely never see this story anywhere else on the web. You say there’s no economic battles going on while the world economic Titanic is sinking? Think again. The biggest thing that popped out to me when reading this list for the first time is Sydney (I’m not suggesting that this is the only poignant attribute about the run….just what I personally saw).

I searched for Sydney to see what was up….to look for day residue. I did NOT find this article during that search, but it could one of the more important articles about Sydney:

How I found this article was during my search for ‘medical symbol.’ I was writing up my description of Group 4 at the bottom and wanted to know what that Snake Symbol was called in medicine. My question was answered on the top hit, but as I read the next few hits, it was hit #7 that strangely talked about SYNDEY, AUSTRALIA. So what we need to realize (or rather what Australians need to realize), is that our ‘medical democracy’ (a term found in previous bot runs) will be funneled to Australia for more atrocious healthcare. The other reason this is vitally important is because it demonstrates that separate linguistics grouping can and do overlap to make a definite meme/story.

In this case, we have RACE SYDNEY from Group 2 combined with Group 4, and now we know why SNAKE SYMBOL GLAD about BARRY’s decisions.

….and now, here is what I originally wrote before this revelation came about Sydney based on my strange “medical symbol” search.

------Original Summary----------

I don’t expect people to recognize this, but we are still in a lull.  The scores drop off drastically after about surge score of 30.

Personally, I’m disappointed with today’s output. The best I have from the top half of the run is Group 2, where some Lost Secret is announced when the Festival Fades (closes?) This sounds more like a movie storyline.

Group 4 at the very bottom of the list might be important. The SYMBOL SNAKE is obviously the medical establishment’s Rod of Asciepius, and they are GLAD that we’re READing DREAMS about BARRY (Obamacare implied here?)

This run might be better when we look for much shorter phrases, although the level of detail obviously decreases. For example, STAIRWAY LASER might imply a space-born laser system (I was taking stairway to imply “UP”). SAVE PINK, RAVEN WOMEN, ANIMALS COMPANY HELPING, GAS PENGUIN, LOST SECRET OPENING, and perhaps my favorite:

DISTURBING WOW POPULAR TEETH (archeologists find a new species of animal by way of a new animal tooth OR a celebrity has a disturbing dental procedure that becomes popular.)

There are probably more

[Image: 20150311%20Sydney%20and%20Barry.jpg]

UP Words:     stairway laser non swim ignore submitted loading save pink semi hide members professor months race sydney lucid paint wolf gas penguin chased listening snap station kyle ever narrow fades festival lost secret opening

DOWN Words:   media death 2014 ride family now hurt anonymous common raven women boat better boyfriend animals company helping topic latest disturbing wow popular teeth symbol snake glad barry dreams read
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3/11/15 Look out Sydney! Asciepius is coming your way... - Eagle1 - 03-11-2015, 09:03 AM

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