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3/16/15 Awful Sun sets on Israel
Israel shows up for the first time, coincident on a day where the archetypes are wildly negative.  I’m not really sure how many words are involved in Group 1, but I thought Rude Corridor might apply to the Gaza strip. Heck, TAXI might even be implicated here.

I think most people would see “AWFUL SUN” as a sort of synonym to something like this: “The sun sets on Israel….” But I’m thinking of something a little different. I get the sense that AWFUL SUN is an event marker. The Sun will certainly be awful if it spits out an xflare or equivalent, but it will also be “AWFUL” when it goes black the full solar eclipse set for March 20th, 2015 (which is also a Jewish New Years for Kings). Thus, 20 March is to be known as the Jewish New Years for Kings Eclipse, and only a few countries will be able to see this “Awful Sun.” Israel just happens to be one of them.

That whole sequence of linguistics sounds very serious and important. But now we shift to a lighter fare.

In Group 2, if you replaced CIRCLE with UNCLE, you’d have a direct match to Travolta's creepy behavior at the 2015 Oscars.   That sequence of words would mean about 2.5 week lag time (day residue). I’m not seeing a whole lot of other material, but I did notice that MARCH is finally dropping off. I’ve got to say that this has to be the biggest dream month on the linguistics charts, but not in terms of the number of dreams, but rather the consistent frequency of the month that we're currently in. MARCH has remained in the top for almost the entire first half of the month….pretty impressive.

[Image: 20150316 sun falls on israel.jpg]

UP Words:     awful sun israel containers progress kick mini draw cage rude corridor gab damn spoiler taxi cool elevator mon pressed mirror sat layout carpet creepy circle sharp flip putting sounded halfway occurred sized bed

DOWN Words:   gold invited type remove modify read interpretation years reaction rated dictionary rating class interpret been longer chased sorry voted yet were march months dreams had save hide submitted loading dream
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Tomorrow, 17 March is the Israeli election for Prime Minister. If Netanyahu loses it could an awful sign for that country. Progress that Israel has made will be kicked down the road if the opposition party wins.
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"March months dreams" all three again. At least noteworthy.

Praying for "Israel." "Awful Sun" what could this be saying metaphorically?? Oh, can it be saying that Israel is being shown or shortly will be, in a "terrible light?" Yeah, if the appeaser wins election it damn sure can. Show weakness when it's impossible to negotiate with bullies and then have those bullies salivating to assault you as they see you in this terrible light. *(The bully mentality secretly if not subconsciously has contempt for the weakness in others, hence seeing others in a terrible light.)

Group 2, to me seems literal but that's a hangup of mine so dunno. Some public building about to make the news for their strange carpet design? In the same way that Colorado's Denver airport has so much creepy art? hey, maybe they have some creepy carpet circle, too.

Gotta read our Word Wizard.
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