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3/20/15 Awesome Wake Truth Self + 2015 is the year
Anyone feeling the new moon Supermoon? If anything, I’d say that I’m affected negatively as far as sleep quality. Talk about a choppy night. Not only am I tired, but I’m tired of waiting to go to sleep. Over and over again, I found myself laying there just waiting to go to sleep....over and over and over again. Good time to meditate, but it does get old nonetheless. Plus I’m exhausted. Thank you New Moon.

Okay, does anyone see something odd about our run? We’re talking about an extra 100 inferences of the year 2015. This is significant. Some people might make the mistake of just assuming that 2015 in a March bot run is perfectly normal since we’re in 2015, but it doesn’t work that way. Some time in early January, the new year will stay at the top of every run while the database gains a consistent baseline for that word. Once it gets there, we probably won’t see the number too often because our algorithm weeds out the words that are close to their average baseline.

So, for some reason, 2015 surged without any associated surge in “Dream” or “March” or “Mar,” which suggests that the surge was NOT due to extra dreams. Instead, it probably is due to people talking about 2015 inside their dream account. I know I’m probably starting to sound like a lunatic, but what are the chances that 2015 comes up just hours after I post a new thread about trying to hammer out the exact year of this supposed Chani manifestation?

Conclusion to 2015 showing up in the bot run: Is this our answer? 2015 is the year of the opening portals? Cool. I’m excited. Looking forward to a real change in this world!

Group 3 hearkens back to our changing truths meme. I LOVE this phrase: AWESOME WAKE TRUTH SELF. Amen brother bot!

Can you tell I’m tired?!

[Image: 20150320 wake truth.jpg]

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DOWN Words:   test dreamer movie health believe map agent losing desk try tools awesome wake truth self cream yelling camera speed eat finally line torture boat intricate bridge 2014 school because catch flight dreams basic searching
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