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3/20/17 Ben Views the Class
Trending: class view ben desert there saucer nearly entries profile private categories forum message add del table supposed fine solid journal space unusual off leave armor today wall bus seem changes
Waning: hit mail three explosions frequent dead always usual crossword reality meaning zone wish yahoo apocalypse keep nuclear anonymous dreamed guest

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Thanks given by: heavendreamer
I have been thinking for some time with all of the tea, Harry, cup and now saucer references that there would be big news regarding the UK.

So why put this link about the Westminster attack in this run?  Because this odd grouping of bot words also seems to fit the attack and I wanted to show how sometimes something that doesn't seem to relate actually does relate.
class view ben desert there saucer-
Class to me almost always means a grouping of people.  In this case, those who can see (view) Big BEN. Saucer is another reference to The UK only instead of tea and cup from other recent bot runs, we are left with saucer.  Desert in this case does not mean sandy land area like Phoenix.  It means to abandon .  The Big BEN class of people were forced to desert the area when the attack occurred.  The saucer could be looked at as those who were protecting others, the police and the first responders.  Saucers protect and capture the overflow of the tea. There have been 2 days with Ben and saucer including one on March 21st .

I just saw that dreambotcomments made a Big Ben link. Awesome job !!!
Thanks given by: Goldengirl

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