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3/21/15 Red Alert: Shotgun kills Hero + Devil freezes Consciousness
Welcome to our special Spring Equinox Red Alert. Three words exceed our standard alert level and one of them has plenty of support. Although BEEP, RAM, and SHOTGUN can be associated into the same group (i.e., someone sits SHOTGUN as the dodge RAM BEEPS it’s horn), the word SHOTGUN has a much different type of support in the rest of the bot list. As far as the support list for SHOTGUN (blue arrows), this has to be another first for the dreambot. We have two sets of the same word:


The Red Alert may or may not be associated with a  BEEPing RAM, but it does look like a SHOTGUN or some sort of powerful firearm will be involved. Notice the presence of HERO in group 1, and so the Red Alert might have something to do with a fallen (i.e. OVERCOME) HERO. Maybe someone shoots a Medal of Honor recipient or perhaps a Purple Heart celebrity demises.

And for the daily CERN watch, Group 2 is all over it. Actually, Group 2 should start further up to include DEVIL, but I didn’t have room in this run. So, in the biggest losers, we have DEVIL, MESS SNAKES, and EFFECT CONSCIOUSNESS TURNING ICE. Wow. Keep your awareness high and work towards releasing limiting thought patterns. We have a say where mass consciousness goes, and so it appears we need to turn it up a notch to counter the suppression.

[Image: 20150321 red alert shotgun.jpg]

UP Words:     beep ram shotgun overcome hero loss tent yeah up shots view fri injuries alcohol smoking wonderful break jean ivory smoke yesterday due juice taken one drop daytime chicken leggings aisle big recall flow

DOWN Words:   common unknown process hearing wild incredibly devil restaurant mess snakes action stone related anyway effect consciousness turning ice liked thanks liquid void today hospital candy vacation card interesting cool mirror sharing 2015 wed
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Shots may have to do with the shotgun or the "up shot" or final result of something. I am thinking (shots view fri injuries alcohol smoking wonderful break jean) seems to go together for a college spring break theme, which is happening now for may colleges. Yes, I know those college and spring are not mentioned. lol
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Big chicken recall coming? That one famous brand in California plant had problems and then made news almost a year later for same thing. Will it be chicken legs reported that are tainted, first?

"shots injuries" on a "Fri?" Good Friday violence from another bot run may not be far away?
Isis/Isil is after Christians more than anyone, lately.

Gotta add "Jean" to the long Names List.

Good! confirmation on my hunch for "ram." I was thinking *(thought, then ignored it, not typing it, saw in hindsight) of some good'ole boy at an event in a Dodge Ram, with a shotgun. Is it a "Fri"day event? Lots of drinking likely yeah. He's likely drinking "alcohol" and "smoking."

Yes on who/what the injured "hero" may be, too. I thought of veterans, and heck the guy in the Ram is probably a veteran, too. Any words here point to PTSD?

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