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3/26/17 Jesse Lane and the Giant Plane
Trending: link jesse lane plane giants rats sat female math history bible boyfriend lord fri nights dying less share faces 2017 means tab stuck subway trump given golden following learn teacher
Waning: time down lucid add into around message categories back private profile had were entries one there up dream view class

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

Thanks given by: Goldengirl
Hmmmm I have no idea what it means but Jesse jumped out and seems like such a random word to be trending. And it was also trending on the 23 with these words. (Posting because this time it appears with link and last time with string-- seems similar also. Is it saying there is a link between these two runs somehow?).

3/23 Trending:
Trending: avatar plane click teeth red leaves string jesse crash hospital flight tab learn input dream cult slowly interpret flying shred soon coming pool burst noise pull sunday list arrived recent

Both runs also mention planes.
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Jesse popped out at me, too. It's not a common name, not like a Tom or Tiffany.

The only Jesse that came to mind was Jesse Ventura.
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Speaking of Jesse Ventura, a video he did popped up on my YouTube recommended list.

The waning list is filled with admin words.
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