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3/8/15 A Mansion Murder; "Sometimes Destiny Fades"
This is one of those runs that almost reads like a book written by a psychopath (or Stephen King…take your pick). Start from the top and read the gainers list in it’s entirety. For me, the would-be groupings (that are clearly there) seem to be telling the same story. I decided to not label groupings because to me this seems like a single seamless story. A Tiny Nurse, being Flipped with Wire in a Mansion. The Murder probably started with a Knife Entering the Palm. Obviously a Struggle with Wild Ladies and Add a Grave.

The other two things that stick out to me are these phrases 1) SOMETIMES DESTINY FADES and 2) GRAVE ATTENTION TWIN. Castor and Pollux would like to welcome in the less known twins….Bob and Mike Bryan, the Stanford twins who are helping the US in the Davis Cup.

GRAVE is indicated in that last match because they didn’t get their winning break until the 15th game in the 5th set. In street lexicon, we’d simply say, “That was a nail biter.”

Now, is our recent and steady TWIN appearance indicating the Bryan twins? I doubt it, but those are the only twins currently in the spotlight.

Before we get to the losers, consider this. FLIPPING TINY might go with MANSION. I’ve got a risky proposition for you….FLIPPING MANSIONS!

Group 1 is amazing to me. It rings profoundly of Nassim Haramein’s “Black WHOLE” theory, where the 99.99% of space around us is VOID, but packed with infinite ENERGY. Now keep reading the next few words after Group 1: VERSION MET ACTION, BABY! This implies that Nassim’s theory will spawn much action in the scientific communities (albeit alternative science communities). More of Nassim’s work can be found here:

Group 2: The King is worried. More so than all of us.


UP Words:     flipping tiny nurse gravity wire mansion murder candy class mutual unable basic palm enter knife up stand struggling there firm store mixed phase surroundings sometimes destiny fades secret wild ladies add grave attention

DOWN Words:   2014 anonymous kept dance professional job reality festival based energy beads held void version met action baby keeping boyfriend king worry position planet lives february awesome dawn swim haunted narration fishing barry days wed
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Ok, this seems to fit, you decide. "tiny nurse gravity wire mansion murder"
Police were dispatched to Lil (tiny) Wayne's mansion because of a phone call (wire) where someone said they had just shoot 4 people. They used the swat team so they were concerned about the gravity of the situation. Nurse would relate t the medical aspect of people being shot. It was a hoax.
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Yes, it's a match.

1. At the end of the lingo, it then says, "candy class," which is our only indication of the hoax
2. Flipping is appropriate...the story started with shootings, but then the story flipped.
3. Palm [Beach] is close to Miami

I give it a yes....
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goodness gracious. Mansion Murder (i.e. mystery) + Fishing Barry Days (i.e., Barry near the water)

Obama buys Magnum P.I.'s Hawaii mansion!
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