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4/13/17 Dawn of Lucidity
Trending: dawn notes random effort meditation lucid technique lucidity bees focus oil mother eye button really wed dreaming star long wow goal simply ball attempt ability though great leaves basketball river
Waning: sort happy fly decided met nice raven friend link mall people days lots public knight march road fri april dreamed

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Thanks given by: heavendreamer
Meditation lucid technique lucidity dreaming dreamed All relating to dreamtime or an altered state that has the means to take one outside of normal reality. Perhaps the bot is encouraging us to focus our dreaming( and in my case, meditation)

A lot of basketball references. Could be day residue because the NBA playoffs start this Saturday.

Met nice raven friend, public knight march Again with the raven/knight association. There are Raven knights in the game Warhammer, and I was surprised to see how common the name "Raven Knight" is. But I don't think that's what the bot is referencing. Big Grin

What does come to mind is the ravens at the Tower of London in Britain:

As I read through this entry, I noted the prophecy: "If the ravens leave the Tower, the kingdom will fall…"

And, for the heck of things, an article about the Ravenmaster:
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Your thought about the Tower of London's ravens brought to mind this for me - public knight march reminds me of the changing of the guard at the palace. Very public spectacle.
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