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4/19/17 Dreams are back up
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Waning: sun sat beach seat fri reality mother bathroom plane share god boy nuclear safe march teacher usual meaning mon guest

<----- DISCUSSION ----->
Don’t be too alarmed at the high surge scores. This is based on a resurgence from yesterday’s lackluster performance. The algorithm for the surge scores attempts to moderate these extremes, but we can’t dampen it too much else everything gets lost in the noise.

Can't help but notice the Waning phrase "Plane share God boy nuclear safe." On the one hand, the combination of Plan, Boy, and Nuclear all hearken back to WWII's "Little Boy" or the first ever uranium bomb dropped in war. But on the other hand, God, Nuclear, Safe seems to imply that we've all been spared of a nuclear war.

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

Thanks given by: Goldengirl , heavendreamer
Or "safe" could refer to a secure place to store something valuable.
Thanks given by: Goldengirl , heavendreamer

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