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4/29/17 Red Alert: Colorado Embarrassed and Humbled?
Trending: embarrassment colorado humbling late visiting bamboo aspen monkey peninsula virgin sleeper cubic lay confront helen 2019 plaid extensive playground voiced nutty elaborately embraced pleading reno sensing relocate additive possibilities mitt
Waning: where now time entries lucid comments around dreams when were one back into 2017 had there up view class dream

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It has been a long while since we've seen huge surge scores, and I can't remember seeing impressive numbers like this. Embarrassed matches Humbling, but we really can't tell with any certainty whether Colorado is direction connected to these words. We shall see...

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Colorado and  Aspen go together and may just be emphasizing Colorado, Colorado was just hammered with snow.  If there is a warm spring soon, perhaps there will be some major flooding and the word a term cubic is used to measure snow and water.  Late visiting might mean a late snow storm.  There are some areas in Colorado called peninsulas, including one in the Frisco area.  There is a Peninsula hotel in Aspen who works with sleeper.
Bamboo monkey peninsula sounds asian
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sleeper cubic lay confront helen

What's Mt. St. Helens been up to lately?
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A Massive Lake Of Molten Carbon The Size Of Mexico Was Just Discovered Under The US

The molten carbon lake sits beneath the Yellowstone National Park, which in and of itself is a super volcano with the power of a massive eruption. The last major eruption was 640,000 years ago at Yellowstone, however if the super volcano did erupt it could cause the US to go into a nuclear winter. The eruption, when it does occur, would be on the order of 1,000 times more powerful than the 1980's Mount St. Helens eruption.
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