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4/30/17 Horse Carriage in the Clouds: Project Bluebeam?
Trending: carriage wind sudden clouds horses guest yoga hit self cloud shape dream park passed had bites pants up glasses cold sky extreme slide reflection missed ground hoping hid nor animal
Waning: cubic extensive helen safely sleeper confront peninsula move aspen virgin lay create monkey bamboo world visiting humbling colorado late embarrassment

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Thanks given by: heavendreamer
Waning section nearly duplicates yesterday's run.

Lots of sky references in today's run. And for some reason, clouds horses made me think of the four apocalyptic horsemen.
Thanks given by: Goldengirl , heavendreamer
So, this morning my husband was visiting with his mother who has advanced alzheimer disease.  She doesn't know his name and will speak at times but usually words that are simple such as yes, no, ok, good and so forth.
Today was different.  She took his hand and pulled him close and said "I ...want... a ... horse and carriage".  Then looked perplexed like that wasn't what she wanted to say, but she had no other words.  He played along with her and asked her how many seats she wanted for the carriage and said he wasn't sure he could get it for her before the conversation ended.
So, I am wondering.  Normally I would not think it would be a "message" but now I wonder.
Additionally, her youngest daughter who passed away 18 years ago was named Helen.
DLP. I hae been thinking apocalyptic horsemen too since the last horse and carriage run with sky/cloud references.  That and the Greek Gods Apollo and Helios who pull a chariot across the sky.
Helen is also a Greek name.

has been mentioned in the news a lot recently. The Korean Peninsula.
Thanks given by: heavendreamer , Julie

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