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5/17/19 The Unconscious Truth
Eagle,  Look at the runs from yesterday and today.
They are all about financial markets.
(Yes, I know earlier in the week we had a big downturn on Wall Street.  Is it related or is more coming?  I say much more is on the way if the bot runs are correct.
Edward (Jones) today's run
(Raymond) James yesterday's run
GMT ( financial services) listed in both days runs, yesterday it was next to hundred
skirt prophetic rain streets years cold ( From yesterday's run, some downward wall street market news coming, perhaps for a long time?)
reporting half especially scary (from yesterday's run, note second quarter reports are coming out)
truth displayed aspect miss calling
target skipped
gmt, gold fame guide
true creative number attributed bid budget (I know Congress is working on a budget too right now, attempting to avoid a shutdown in the fall.)

I would look for some serious "off" earnings reports this week and in weeks to follow.
Thanks given by: (Oo...GhostByte...oO)

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