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5/2/17 The Crow Moon
Trending: crow moon childhood easy mon image factor falling garage explain purpose giant band actual yeah taxi dream transition early complete mostly kinda knowledge dreams occurred hearing consciousness waking spoke beginning
Waning: competition son park boy animal clouds passed intense shown sudden hit ice guest carriage horses desert computer spring teacher eye

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Hmm  Aside from maybe needing a horse and carriage meme, this is an interesting run.
A Crow is like a Raven.  They are very similar birds and raven had been in to in our runs a lot recently. Here are their differences.
With Crow at the top as well as giant band and knowledge dreams, I am reminded of Michael Crow, president of ASU.  Starbucks should be announcing soon ( I heard about this in person this past weekend) that they are now including international students for their free ASU University online degree. US Starbucks employees have had this opportunity for a few years now.
horses desert- Arabian horse?  Is this a location, perhaps the Arabian Peninsula?
sudden hit ice guest carriage - a cruise ship hits an iceberg? Or a plane has an issue with ice.  Carriage could be either forms of transportation, as well as a train.
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