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5/26/2016 11:32pm MARS MISSION & Remote Influencing!
I am working on a white piece of equipment out in space. The equipment looked an awful lot like the "All Terrain Scout Transport".

My attention is pulled away from the equipment by something going by in space... There is a panic to either get back to earth, or to get a message back to earth as to what is coming. This also explains our equipment failure!

I am sitting next to a grown man on my left and a 5 year old boy on my right. The in flight movie was about a paparazzi type reporter following and harassing a famous family. (During the time i was watching the movie, I was actually the woman in the movie who was being chased, so it became very stressful) I related a little but too much to the character. Now I am back on earth and I have just exited the space lander.

The grown man to my left says something that doesn't make sense, he is using a word that isn't a real word. His tone and what he is saying makes him sound like a victim, yet every time he says this word the 5 year old boy to my right keeps crying harder and harder.
Soon I am cradling the boy and yelling at the man next to me. I accuse him of hurting the boy using that word, then following the boy and repeating that word as a way of torturing the boy in front of others for his own sick jolly's! (This part/paragraph maybe day residue)

I tell the boy to quickly run across the plat form and jump down and get across the train tracks as fast as he can before the train takes off again. (I have been out in space for a while so a woman tells the boy not to do it.) I am confused and I look at the train that is stopped on the tracks and it looks like a BART train, nothing about it's appearance has changed to me.

Suddenly the train takes off and it turns out to be a bullet train, and if the boy had crossed he would have been killed. I am shocked, so i grab the boy by the hand and decide the only way to get him on the other side of the tracks and away from this sick man, is if i help him across.

As I am waking up, thinking about MARS, I hear my guide say to me: "Remote Influencing, BLOCK IT!".
I look up remote influencing, and it turns out that people who can do remote viewing can also influence others!
Interesting to know that all of this dream information maybe controlled by another.
Thanks given by: twiceblessed9 , Maysea , Nanny

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