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5/30/15 A Powerful Thief already has it Planned
Trending: powerful thief flight meaning prepared fri fought seeking chance shore fortunate inviting terribly design hey decent figurine devil enjoy interest flying connection title avoid life men responses upon other numbers remain married odd send always enough present child email wet

Waning: box roof yet basically important stuck reality college than girlfriend hate former picture up world metal section opened anymore weekly animal played car portal lion dreamer desert loop simulation battery scorpion frog hub dream had

<----- DISCUSSION ----->
After reading today’s run, I’m thinking that a Powerful Thief has planned his/her next heist. In fact, it was planned on Friday and it might have something to do with airplanes (Flight). OR the Thief has decided to escape with their looted Fortune to another Shore. Ah, I get it….he was Invited by the other country to bring the loot there.

Gosh, it keeps on going. In fact, I think the whole UP List (i.e., the trending words) is one big linguistics for a big theft of some kind. It will be an international crime. It will be Connected to Flying. Corruption to the core (“Decent Figurine Devil Enjoy”) I think this refers to the item being stolen. I have my own guesses, but my list is too long to publish here.

In other news, PORTAL keeps showing itself in our runs. This is definitely significant because collective dreamers continue seeing this word being connected to our reality somehow. CERN is the easy answer, but maybe there are more explanations.

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

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IMO, either that missing plane....from Micronesia?? was it? it may be about to reveal that yes, it was indeed stolen. Or...there's about to be a plane that IS stolen.

I am thankful to see a normal botrun that likely will bring several headlines. Just am.

Wait a minute! "satan" in a botrun just a few days ago, and today "devil." Hang on...

Do we know that, though words next to each other can go-together, that words in a whole botrun can and of course not be near each other? I think yes, but for the science of this, am asking.

Here's how I can put some words together and at this time I feel strongly about this...

"inviting, devil, portal, open" and "anymore" may figure in here because more than one person has prayed to close a portal here. Coincidence? as our boss says "you decide." I already have.

LOL "remain married" how many people is this talking to? well, a lot of the dreamers. Yeah, I take this personally, too. (No I don't live in an unhappy situation. Let's just say that grandma and grandpa have moved their rockers futher apart out on the front porch.)

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Could this be about our thief?
Powerful thief flight
Meteorite thieves
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Hmmmm, they'd have a hard time transporting it to the other Shore. I think this is a warmup. Thank you very much, Twice....I think this is important for documentation purposes!
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Yea, I am expecting more too. (Who in their right mind would attempt to steal that thing , it is HUGE!).
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Probably high or drunk Smile
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Or both.
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college, title, group, (open) up, I think Bully goes here also.

Reynolds: Today's college feminists are too fragile to read
Glenn Harlan Reynolds 4:03 a.m. EDT June 1, 2015

"This article sat poorly with campus activists, who in response reported her for sexual harassment, on the theory that this article (and a follow-up tweet — yes, that's right, a tweet) somehow might have created a hostile environment for female students, which would violate Title IX as interpreted by the Education Department. Because, you see, female students, according to feminists, are too fragile to face disagreement. And they'll demonstrate this fragility by subjecting you to Stalinist persecution if you challenge them, apparently."
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