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6/11/18 Watch Out for Unfounded Fear
Today’s Action: Watch for unfounded anxiety/fear. Be mindful and relax into your own beingness. 

Project CO-MIND Report: If yesterday was up/down, today is push/pull with a definite emphasis on moving forward (red arrows in the chart). Those who need to get stuff done today will enjoy the aid of the moon in Taurus which offers practicality. However, there a plethora of other alignments today which are much more emotional/spiritual. The DreamBot agrees as indicated by the blue arrows in the chart. So today you really have a choice of energies and how you want to use them. You can focus on your to-do list and knock out some very practical matters or you can utilize the emotional waters for intuition, creativity, connecting with others, or personal insight. The really gifted people might be able to harness both sides, and my suggestion would be very mindful of all your activities today. It takes an enormous amount of mental effort but its rewarding – you can become aware of spiritual insight while you are conducting your practical activities. In fact, Taurus is all about grounding, so choose activities that force you to work hands on with Gaia, such as gardening or clearing brush. Earthy type activities tend to be easier to remain mindful and aware of the inner insights. 
Be aware that the collective mind might have an additional juggernaut for you. If you start to feel trapped or invaded, then it MIGHT be the collective unconscious influencing that perception. Note our highest word today is FENCE and the supporting words half way down the bot run are SECURITY and WALL. The sensation might feel like fear today. First, look for a threat because fear may be warning you of a real threat. If there is no threat, then realize your fear is coming from the greater influence. Relax into and focus on your grounded activities. Be very mindful today of what is influencing you. It will most likely be an inner flurry of flighty emotions!
Note: If you would like to more help with the issues represented here, professional services are available:

Trending in the Collective Dreams (See chart below for visual representation):  fence foot orientation bizarre leads typing evening bed stand security perception dream note bank likely cat posting man adjust fourth wall english aware hit void proceed easier difficulty decide prophecy 

Background: Regardless of whether you can feel it or not, we are all being influenced by the Collective Unconscious. So many philosophers and social psychologists throughout the ages have studied and written about this phenomenon. Not only does a collective emotion/mind/influence exist, it secretly and subtly influences our unconscious thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. This is not to say that all your experiences are determined outright by the Collective Unconscious. But if you gain more awareness of this influence, you will have more control over your own life and destiny. Read more:

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