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9/10/18 Opposition Day
How to CIRF Today’s Influences: It might as well be called “Opposition Day.” At least 3 definite oppositions and a 4th pending Mercury’s advancement. Lots of chaos in the astrological chart (including squares, oppositions, trines, T-square, semi-square, etc.) matches the chaos found in the collective unconscious. Numerology affords impatience and impulsiveness, exactly what we’d expect from Mars entering Aquarius. The Dreambot doesn’t disagree, but it’s clear focus is on all the Uranus aspects, producing a sense of rebellion, change, upheaval, all with a sprinkle of impulsivity. One solution is to notice that this is a fleeting energy. Being mindful of your own feelings and behaviors will keep you from crossing the line of regretful action. Also, compare the outcome with your highest values BEFORE carrying out the activity to ensure the action is moving you towards your highest good. 

Daily Video CIRF Reports:

Trending in the Collective Dreams (See chart below for visual representation):  annoying outdoor massive shifts roads barely camera forest sun beer elevator gathering monsters pen access dreamt realize vacation internet monster sending sick sort simply room fine platform daughter seats ill 

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Background: Regardless of whether you can feel it or not, we are all being influenced by the Collective Unconscious. So many philosophers and social psychologists throughout the ages have studied and written about this phenomenon. Not only does a collective emotion/mind/influence exist, it secretly and subtly influences our unconscious thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. This is not to say that all your experiences are determined outright by the Collective Unconscious. But if you gain more awareness of this influence, you will have more control over your own life and destiny. Read more:

How to read DreamBot runs:
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Again, like yesterday the previous 9-9run, this seams like it is speaking of Hurricanes.
annoying outdoor massive shifts roads barely
Florence is expected to stall off the coast and then shift to the south. Roads will likely be impassible.
Shift roads
Many roads have been "shifted" in direction to allow the masses to evacuate.
gathering monsters
More than one hurricane on the horizon
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