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A Dream of an Ending (cw: body horror, miscarriage)
I dreamed this morning that I was in an empty bathtub and apparently having a miscarriage...but I wasn't upset by anything that was happening. What came out of me looked like body-horror, but only disgusted me after I woke up. It was an assortment of fetal parts (particularly prominent were arms) that must have belonged to dozens of individual fetuses; but nothing that could be positively identified as a baby...and I felt no love lost. I threw everything in a trashcan beside me, and thereafter it disappeared. I was relieved that it was over, and went about my day uninhibited.

It seemed, in the dream, that I expected all of this to happen and was prepared. I read that a miscarriage symbolizes a loss or an end, and the fact that I expelled a bunch of nonsense to which I had no attachment and took the whole process in stride, means the end of something that needs to end...the end of a bunch of rubbish (as, indeed, I threw the fetal parts in the trash.) 

What do you think? There is an ending I have been anticipating, that I'm not willing to discuss here, but has been indicated to me in other dreams and signs...I really hope that's what this is about...
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