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A Presentation and Selling Beef
I again had several dreams but remembered only two. They were both strange.

I was in an old drive-in movie theater which sloped upward toward the screen. The screen was blank. I was in a car or suv with a sunroof, which was open, and my car was about two thirds of the way down the hill, pointed upwards towards the screen. I was standing up through the sun roof, giving a speech or presentation and speaking into a mike, except the mike didn't amplify my voice but instead was just recording it.

I remember yelling very loudly towards the audience which were all situated around me. There were very professional people there, and I actually called on them to answer some simple questions from their perspective. Obviously, after they had answered the questions, I was demonstrating a key trend, the important punchline.

I remember that the people with the most clout were the furthest away and I remember screaming at the top of my voice such that they could hear my questions. A semi-truck drove around the lot, making a huge amount of noise. I decided to stop talking and wait for him to leave such that everyone could hear me.

Unfortunately, I don't remember the punchline to my speech. I got up early this morning to pee, and I pounded it into my memory bank with the dream, but I failed to remember.....bummer.

Second dream:
My family is bummed because the authorities won't let us sell the beef as a big lot. Instead we have to wait for a single sectioned lot before the sign can go up which said, "USDA Choice Beef." I remember seeing the dividers going up and sign being posted.

I'm really not sure what this dream is all day residue here whatsoever.
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Do you know why you were selling the beef Eagle?
There appears to be overlap with your dream and AD's dream.
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"where's the beef? Its whats for dinner!"
Eagle 1-
ever see the movie, "Soylent Green" ?

Seems we are living it now eh? What I remember vividly about that flick (besides the suicide parlors) is that the
elite 1% running the show (Charlton Heston's bosses) are the only ones that can eat steak as they have access to it.
All the rest of the 99% ARE the beef!

I haven't seen a drive-in movie theater in years; have they closed them all down?
as for shout to the ones with clout-
could be a message to nix the subconscious caste system as we are all equal- and it will save your voice from strain.
Seems you are a natural born teacher, professor, and leader. Your voice is important.
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A whisper speaks louder than a scream.
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