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Awake Psychic moment, 4/9/16, 11:20 am
This morning I had a mini psychic moment worth mentioning here. I've had these before but it been a while since I've had one so specific and quick.  I was on my way to an event this morning driving alone on a hwy. My niece Jane was about 20 minutes behind me going to she same event.  

After driving for about 10 minutes, a thought came to me loud and clear, "you will need to call Jane and tell her about the accident so she won't be caught in bumper to bumper traffic".  I looked around and traffic was flowing normally and there were no signs of an accident when I tried to look ahead. I am confused as to why I would have a thought like that when everything looks normal.

Then about 1 mile down the road, the traffic started to slow down and then it was slow bumper to bumper.  I called my niece to tell her I was caught in slow traffic and she may want to take a different route.  After about a 1/2 mile I saw the police cars and the accident. It all happened so quickly that I really did not have time to think about it.
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Julie, that is so cool. Nothing to interpret, it just happened exactly to plan. Wow!!!
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Julie, it sure is noteworthy to say the least.

I think that this happening to us is what the bible calls "Word of Knowledge" being one of 12 gifts of the Holy Spirit. When I attended the pentecostal Church A.O.G. I thought that was just something that operated in the services with what they call "tongues."
Now that I'm matured and awake, I think differently.
Thanks for reporting.
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This should go under "Project EHE (Exceptional Human Experiences)"
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Can someone move this to Project EHE?

(04-10-2016, 02:20 AM)TȞATÉ MAKȞÁMANIYAŊ WÓIHAŊBLE Wrote: This should go under "Project EHE (Exceptional Human Experiences)"
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Somebody did, because the thread is in EHE now. Big Grin
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It moved it successfully! Woo hoo!
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