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Benevolent Beings
Got a bad cold after Thanksgiving, was sick for over a week.  One night, I went to bed early, started re-reading Handbook for the New Paradigm, with the authors listed on as “Benevolent Beings” and George Green.  A channeled book.  While reading the long preface, I had a sense that the preface was written by a different author than the rest of the book.  I could feel the “voice” of the author or authors.  Felt it strongly.  Later that night I dreamt of two beings dressed completely in white sitting or standing in a kitchen.  It was a large modern kitchen with an island and wood cabinets, and the kitchen seemed familiar to me.  The two beings appeared to be human, but their features were obscured by the light emanating from them – white light from their faces and hands and dressed completely in white clothes.  I could feel a strong energy in the dream.  When I woke up, I felt like I had been in a different dimension.  Wondered if I had made contact with the Benevolent Beings who had helped write this book.
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That is really cool Maat.
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Love the dream!!!
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