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Bombing of Pentagon
I had this dream shortly after 9/11 in 2001, but never posted it because of its disturbing content.  Even now, I don't want to label it a "prediction" because it is "unthinkable".  

Dream:  I see planes of all types - B-52 or B-2, F16s, etc - bombing the Pentagon.  They are U.S. military aircraft, with possibly Americans piloting the planes.  It is a devastating attack, destroying the Pentagon.  Repeat: I see U.S. planes attacking the Pentagon.  

When I woke up, I was overwhelmed with the feeling of Evil that this attack represented.  I have NEVER had such a feeling of evil or an evil dream like this.  The evil vibrations were very strong. 

At the time, I thought that the image was a metaphor, that our troops could be pushed to the limit (i.e., continual war, multiple deployments), at which point they would rebel.
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To me, the dream appears symbolic of a false flag attack. The American bombers in the dream could represent the leaders who profited from 9/11. Only the so-called 'conspiracy theorists' have the guts to follow the money from that event. Everyone else ridicules them.
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Well, an American plane did attack, it just wasn't military. Though, military jets were attempting to intercept. So, I would say it is a hit.
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