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CameTrue 4/7/17 Pedophiles are Fetched and Locked up
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Thanks given by: heavendreamer
Armies means sun eye dark Threw this one out to the spouse and he promptly referred to the total solar eclipse occurring in August. something going to happen this sumner? Or is this a time reference, a time marker of sorts?
Thanks given by: Goldengirl , twiceblessed9 , heavendreamer
Well this has my interest piqued. I have been picking up something related to the word "lock" all week that I can't make sense of. It keeps coming strong out of the blue. For some reason I thought it was related to a very tragic murder in my neighborhood a few blocks from my house on Monday. But seeing this now I wonder if I'm totally wrong about that part. My brain is trying to figure out what the message is. I have gotten a sense of the color purple (no idea what relation that is/isn't). And then some variation of a word with "lock" in it. It seemed to start as locket (like the necklace) or "lock it" (sounds same). Then it seemed to change to lock box or locked box. I also felt like I saw an image of a purple locker and heard "it's a locker!" but then I saw a lock (Like a padlock on a locker) right after. Now it seems to keep popping up as "lock box" or maybe it's "locked box." Sharing all this in case it triggers a concept from the words above for anyone else. I'm stumped.
Thanks given by: twiceblessed9 , heavendreamer
Not even a full day went by and we have a cametrue!
kid sex follow
"Seattle Mayor Ed Murray was accused in a lawsuit this week of "repeatedly and criminally raping and molesting" a teenage boy decades ago, a charge denied by the mayor, who vowed continue to run for re-election."

Oh and Eagle nailed the title again.
Thanks given by: Goldengirl , heavendreamer

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