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CameTrue 9/18/17 Can't Find Source of the Noise
Trending: whisper noise unable struggle cannot source mud dream mon phone fear cold pass darkness hear froze against outer reach begin group artist 2017 window california watching finally attention immediately mind
Waning: later two log forum four fly lucid quickly says run side near area view glass head state little wed fri

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Thanks given by: twiceblessed9
This run sounds pretty foreboding!!

whisper noise unable struggle cannot source mud dream
What is the whisper noise? Is it people beginning to talk about something?  Is that like mud slinging, the source of it can't be found?
Or is it about Hurricane Maria or some other storms fallout. I don't tend to think of Hurricane noise as a whisper.  Maybe it is the beginning of a rumbling of a mud slide, if it happens at night, it would be hard to source. Unable, struggle, cannot source all have similar meanings.

phone fear cold pass darkness hear froze against outer reach begin
A lot here seems to indicate a hurricane reference, but I think there is a bunch of double meanings as well.
fear, cold and froze can be describing the same thing. (paralyzed by fear, cold stone fear).  
So adding the rest, this could be saying, communications are out ( phone/cold), people are terrified and the outer waves of the hurricane are coming.  I wonder where the hurricane is forecast to hit at night because there is an implication that wherever that is will be especially scary?

Now, alternately, this whole phrase could be speaking about dreamers fears about N. Korea and our new Cold War and how far missiles can travel.

window california watching finally attention immediately mind
We may be getting a message to pay attention to something that will be happening to California.  A warning perhaps?   Mind and watch mean the same thing  and a window is a view, so there is emphasis on watching California for some reason.  Are they going to lead the way with some legislation?  Will there be an earthquake?  The immediately seems to indicate a bit of urgency.
Now, going back to the beginning, whisper noise can be the sound of the beginning of an earthquake.  Depending upon how far one is  located from the epicenter.  I have experienced MANY earthquakes and yes, there can be a sound that will capture your attention first.  Also, sometimes it is just a small quake at the beginning that leads stronger shaking .  Sometimes there are foreshocks that happen a few days or hours first, then the big one.  That would be a whisper right.
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WWP is predicting a Bay Area Earthquake.
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There was a small earthquake last night in California, inline with your post.

San Andreas Fault: 3.6 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Los Angeles
Thanks given by: twiceblessed9
Thanks Unioncraftsman. AS it turns out WW
P predicted a quake in San Jose, the one in
mexico was near a San Jose in mexico.

Whisper Noise does fit the LA one
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Mud Dream
Puerto rico mud slide from Maria. Very sad. It happened while 3 elderly sisters were sleeping.

-Neighbor Julio Roman was next door when the hillside behind their block gave way Wednesday morning, knocking out the sisters’ first-floor window and burying them where they lay on mattresses spread across the concrete floor.
“We heard a rumbling. That was when the mountain hit the back of the house,” he said.
They lived with a fourth sister, Hilda Gonzalez Collazo, 69, who was sleeping in a separate room near the front of the house and survived, screaming and fleeing to the street where neighbors found her in shock.

whisper noise unable struggle cannot source
The story of the little Mexican girl trapped in a school after an earthquake turned out to be untrue, despite rescue workers saying they heard her. .ttp://
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