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Driving in the south
Yes, this is true. Big Grin

There's a whole series of videos based on life in the south. All of them are well done and funny as heck.

Son showed me this video after GS#1 started calling me something completely different than the "Grammy" I tried to convince him to call me.

The kid calls me "Baga." Why? Who knows. It's not even remotely close to "Grammy." I keep trying, though...bless my heart. Big Grin
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Bhaga, an Indo-Iranian word for "lord, patron, (one who gives) wealth, prosperity"

It means a lot of different things in different cultures, but I liked this one! Big Grin

And I can totally relate to driving in the South. My version? I get in the car all ready to go to work, first thing in the morning, and the make-up is sliding off my face. (Crap! Don’t touch it! Turn on the A/C and let it re-set!!!!! Bahahahaha!!!!!)
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Yesterday had a flat tire. Attempt to inflate tire, gave up and drive with flat to repair shop. After was fixed I am on my way again to work, I don't even dare look in the mirror. When I got to work I didn't even need to explain my physical state of appearance after telling them I had a flat hair was flat on ma head and no trace of makeup left. Hahaha

The parking spaces at work near the trees are coveted spaces in summer.
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We call that "preferred parking" and it doesn't matter how far we have to walk to the store as long as the vehicle is in the shade.

They have a video about the humidity in the south that about had me on the floor because I could so relate to it. Big Grin
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