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Farm flooding and grocery store gestapo
Dreamt I walked into a Jewel Foods grocery store to purchase a few items.  As I walked through the store, I saw a pile of baskets to carry items, so I picked up a basket to use.  Store employee screamed at me that I could not pick up a basket in that location in the store.  An absurd new rule. People are looking at me as she is screaming at me.  I get embarrassed and angry, throw down the item I am carrying and walk out the store.  As I am walking out, I see a line of people streaming into the store.  They look ragged and worn out.

Next, I am driving home on a road with farm fields to my right.  The farmland is flooded, and the water is now covering the road in front of me.  Pretty deep water, but I think I can make it across in my jeep.

This dream probably reflects my concern about current flooding in the Midwest, with about 1 million farm acres under water and lots of cattle dead.  Food prices are expected to rise in the next year because of this flooding.
Thanks given by: Cassandra , Eagle1
There is an article on strange sounds where the flooding at the start of the year is the worst agricultural ever recorded in us history and it looks to get worse in May into July. You've also got the snow pack at a greater level than in 2017(trouble with Oroville dam) in the Sierra Nevada mountains which means there is definitely going to be flooding in parts of California. The dams and lakes are getting close to capacity, already, without the snow melt yet. The Sacramento valley is 50 percent of the production of food for US and the dams are not in that great of shape and all of them look to be pushed to the max in a few weeks.
Thanks given by: Eagle1
I dreamed either Oroville dam or Shasta collapsed sending basically a mega tsunami into the Sacramento valley. Oroville is up 865 feet with vast majority of snow melt to come and they only had the spillway open for a while and then closed it for some reason. Shasta and the rest of the n cal dams are at capacity right now using their spillways...there is some minor damage to Shasta's spillway if you look it up on youtube.
Thanks given by: Cassandra , Eagle1

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