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Get your questions ready!
RadOwl, who is the moderator of the dreams section at, has asked me to join his new 'show' this Wednesday. I'm really not exactly sure how this will run, but it's called "Ask me anything."

I believe I sit there for a couple of hours and just answer a bunch of questions about how to predict the future through dreams. The time is at 2 PM EST. I don't yet have a link, but I will post it here in a response when I get it. Should be fun and I expect it to be challenging.
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That is awesome! Do people submit questions ahead of time or only during the show?
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Pretty sure you have to wait til it starts. If it's like the other Reddit AMA's (ask me anything), then each presentation is equivalent to one our threads you see here. A post is started and then anyone comments below, expecting the person to answer in another response. That's my understanding anyway Smile
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The link I have so far is here:
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New link should be going hot soon:
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