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Hatching Eggs
Eggs have been a really common theme for me lately and unfortunately, I just haven't found the time to put in all of my painfully long and detailed dreams, and THEN when I finally am able to find the time to sit and type SOMETHING out, I have forgotten a lot of the good stuff because I have even been too lazy to journal them. But for the past couple of months I've had lots of dreams about finding eggs, protecting eggs and hatching eggs... and sometimes really neat stuff comes out of them like baby lions! (Actual full grown lions with mains... but tiny and somehow babies...)

This dream I had on 11/24/2018. I can't remember how this all started but I found a couple of tiny eggs. They were probably about 1/2 to 1/3 the size of a regular chicken egg. Someone was tossing them out and I knew that they had been fertilized and may be alive so I offered to take the eggs and they told me I couldn't have them and tossed them in the trash. I was very upset and waited for them to leave before digging the eggs out of the trash. I found one and cupped it in my hands to keep it warm because it was very cold in the dream. I wasn't able to find the other egg before whoever had thrown them out came back in, and so I was upset and excused myself and left their home. I ran back to my house where I already had a large bird cage. I had someone there, Joseph, and he said 'hi' and asked what I was up to, and when I answered the other egg came out of my mouth. I was a little freaked out but was glad I had the other egg and figured at least it had been nice and warm in my mouth. He looked a little surprised but didn't ask why I had been holding an egg in my mouth.

I had an egg in each hand and was just explaining to him that even though they were small, I didn't want to risk having them crack one another. I had a warming lamp for a turtle I saved a while back and thought that would be perfect for the eggs, but just before I could ask him to bring it to me, one of the eggs started hatching in my hand. My left hand. It was a tiny little featherless sun conure. As soon as the first finished hatching, the second started... and I was so relieved that both birds survived! It was lucky that I had the cage and the heating lamp already. I put the baby birds into the cage so I could find a heating pad and grab a couple of baby blankets. When I came back, these naked baby birds were climbing all over the cage with so much energy! I was really happy they were so healthy, but was confused because I didn't expect such tiny babies to be so strong and energetic. I had expected them to be more weak and helpless. Then I began to wonder if I had saved a male and female bird... because these were extraordinary! I could easily breed and sell these birds for a lot of money! $750 was what came to mind. I thought about how healthy they were and how happy they could make others and how the money could also be used to help my own family, and decided that was what I needed to do!
Thanks given by: twiceblessed9

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